Wisconsin LIFE Team is an amazing group of people

Hi everyone,

Orrin Woodward was on fire Saturday night (Nov. 5th) in Madison Wisconsin!  Cynthia & I had the honour to be speaking at the Team Seminar in Madison, along with LIFE co-founder Orrin Woodward.  The best part of my weekend was to be backstage with 2 Policy Council members; Orrin & Dan Hawkins.

This was our third time in Wisconsin and the local people there never cease to amaze me.  From our hosts who drove use around, to the people in the crowd, it seems everyone is so friendly & welcoming.  That seminar location truly has something to brag about.  Their culture is one of the best accross the whole team.  As my friend Claude Hamilton says, “the leaders build the culture and then the culture builds the team”.  Well… George Guzzardo & Dan Hawkins, you’ve built a great culture over there, my hat’s off to you guys!

One of Orrin’s talks was about Chapter 5 of his new book “RESOLVED” (which I’m currently reading and loving!)  in which he talked about successful people.  One example that got my attention was about Baseball Hall of Fame member, Ozzie Smith.  “Success is disguised as hard work” said Orrin.  Ozzie Smith is a perfect example of this, as a boy he would play baseball with kids in his neighborhood and once the game was over, he’d go home and practice for hours.  I guess, he would throw a tennis ball against a brick wall and field that ball over & over to the point where he would get closer to the wall and even throw the ball harder & harder.  Ozzie Smith, never saw this as “practice” he said it was fun to him, that’s why he could practice over & over again.  He is quoted as saying “make your work a game!”

Are you making your work a game?  We all know that work is in all of our futures. As Orrin said Saturday, “Success is disguised as hard work”.  However, many of us don’t like the work, we just want the results. Let’s be honest, we cannot get the results without the work.  Therefore, why not “make our work a game” just as Ozzie Smith did!

Bye for now,

Joce Dionne


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3 responses to “Wisconsin LIFE Team is an amazing group of people

  1. Great post Joce, You can tell you make your work a game and enjoy it. We are excited to have you and Cynthia coming into Halifax in December to share your wisdom and experience with the Nova Scotia wide crowd. We appreciate all that you do.

  2. André and Dominique

    I have to agree with Alex, great post Joce! LIFE is about helping others in their personal lives so that they can then pay it forward to their loved ones. What is there not to enjoy?! I will strive to have fun! Thanks for your guidance.

  3. Rob Crichlow

    I find that LIFE allows me to have my business and purpose align. What a great way to pursue excellence and be rewarded by how many people you help become better leaders. In my other businesses you could use stress as a measure of performance … which makes it hard to have fun doing it. Great post on how we can actually have fun doing something significant. You are great example for all of us.

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