LIFE Business leader blogs

New since November 1st, 2011, LIFE  is rolling at high speed.  The leadership of this company is what stands out the most in my eyes. 

You can follow these leaders on twitter and also visit their blog websites for great quotes and leadership tidbits;

Orrin Woodward blog & twitter

Claude Hamilton blog & twitter

Chris Brady blog & twitter

Tim Marks blog 

Bill Lewis blog

George Guzzardo blog

Dan Hawkins blog

Chris Mattis blog

NOTE: Recently my good friend and business partner Denis Leger registered his blog as well.

These sites have great daily nuggets for the brain & soul.  Hope you enjoy!


Have a great day,

Joce Dionne

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One response to “LIFE Business leader blogs

  1. Joce,
    Great presentation Saturday in Halifax. Your financial wisdom and understanding of success at 34 is outstanding. Keep leading by example.
    Merry Christmas,

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