2011 is gone, bring on 2012!

Hi everyone,

I hope your Christmas & New Year celebrations with family & friends were as fun as ours was.  Over the past couple weeks we’ve had alot of down time and relaxing days.  I was able to really think hard about 2011.  Cynthia & I were blessed with a wonderful year.  I personally wrote a long thank you letter to my mentor & best friends Claude & Lana Hamilton.  I’ve read many books where the author suggests to write a thank you letter to people who have helped you in your life.  I’ve been meaning to write one to them for the past couple years now and it never got done for some reason.  But finally, I did it and I feel good about it.

First off, Claude is a founder of LIFE which launched on November 1st, 2011.  This was by far the highlight of the year.  With the help of Orrin Woodward & Chris Brady and the rest of the TEAM Policy Council leaders, LIFE is the fix to the Networking Industry that people have been waiting for.  For me personally, I am excited about tackling 2012 with our new business model.

Another blessing this year was the birth of our first child, Kaleb Dionne on July 31, 2011.  What this little bundle of joy brings to our home is incredible.  Every morning is exciting for us now, from his first burp to his first solid food meal, everything is fun!

This summer was a memorable one.  On June 8th, 2011, I worked my last day as an employee.  With our business moving forward very nicely and our finances lining up the way we wanted it, Cynthia & I made a decison that I could come home to be a “full time dad” and we could both enjoy our time together as parents.

I want to finish with this.  Christmas 2011, we fulfilled a long time dream of ours.  My mom & dad (Paul & Murielle) and Cynthia’s mom (Stella) have been amazing for us.  Not just in recent years, but our whole lives.  Cynthia & I both set the goal many years ago to reward our parents with a nice family trip.  Christmas 2011 was our best ever, we were able to “give” to those we love most without having the financial stress on our shoulders.  We surprised both our parents with a cruise to the caribbean.  The opening of the gift was a bit different, we wanted them to play a little guessing game!  So, Cynthia took out her “slideshow” skills and built the most amazing videos.  Our parents would open up a gift that had a note that read “watch the video that Joce is going to play on TV and guess what your gift is” … FUN!  The slideshow then had messages and pictures dating back when we were young kids and how amazing parents they have been for us etc. And then at the end, they got the big SURPRISE!

Here is the slideshow we showed my mom & dad;

Surprise cruise gift to Joce’s parents (click on link to view) & Joce’s parents reaction to cruise gift.

Now here is the slideshow we showed to Cynthia’s mom;

Surprise cruise gift to Cynthia’s mom & Cynthia’s mom’s reaction.

A special thank you goes out to Claude & Lana Hamilton and Orrin & Laurie Woodward, without you guys, this would have never happened.

It’s easy to see that 2011 was by far the best year of our lives.  Now it’s time to turn the page and make 2012 even better.  In 2012, we have many friends that have set similar goals and we want to help them accomplish those goals.  Have fun, Make money, Make a difference!!!

God bless.

Love, Joce & Cynthia



11 responses to “2011 is gone, bring on 2012!

  1. Marc-André Therrien

    Thank you for sharing these awesome videos! Great surprise and great reaction to the slidesow! Have a nice trip!

  2. Congratulations my friend. You deserved every reward that you reaped! Kaleb is a very fortunate child to be raised in a household full of love, laughter and support. Keep leading from the front cause we ain’t done yet! Looking foward to your next post!
    Denis & Lisa Leger

  3. Joce,

    What a great post, a demonstration of the giving spirit of a servant based leader! How many young adults would love to give their parents a thank you for all the time, love and energy it took to raise them?

    I have watched as you and Cynthia give to others both, in your team and other teams, and you both have big hearts for others. We are so happy for your success and your willingness to share it.

    I’m sure your parents will have many wonderful memories!

  4. Pierre and Lise Richard

    Joce & Cynthia,
    What a great year for you guys! Watching those videos, being at your freedom party, seeing you be stay-at-home parents…. you are a huge inspiration to us and you are giving us so much belief. Thank you!!!

  5. Phil

    Joce it is exciting to be a spectator of your continued success, I’m sure the years to come will provide many moments of struggle and victory. I am reminded daily how exciting it is to be player and not just a spectator. See you on the field partner.

  6. Kevin Hamm

    Hey Joce,

    Great story and gift. I also wanted to say the your recent cds have been great on the power of 15 plans a month. You S guys sure have a way of saying hard things in a way that we cholarics take it. You are very effective and making a big difference. Keep up the great work.

    Kevin Hamm
    Team Stealth Radar Vision

  7. Kayla Krumm

    Thank you so much for sharing that video with us. I started to cry through it with thinking how this could be us in a few years giving the gift that people want and not having to worry how much we are spending. This is really a great video and dream that I hope one day will come true for us. thank you again. Hope you had a great time!!!

  8. Jeffrey Lawrence

    Hey Joce,

    I remember the first time you showed us that video! What inspiration to us all! Thanks for showing us what’s possible

  9. I’m just starting my journey with the team. It is stories like this that keep me pushing through all of the NO’s. Thank you for the story, I really needed to see this after the day that I had. God bless your family.

  10. Troy Gallant

    Hey Joce, seeing you and Cynthia grow in the last few year has been very inspiring. You guys deserve it the rewards, for sure. Bonnie and I are blessed to be on the journey with you two. Thank you for believing in us we didn’t fully believe in ourselves. Take care and see you soon.

    Troy and Bonnie

  11. It’s difficult to find knowledgeable people in this particular subject, however, you seem like you know what you’re talking about!


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