Mental Fitness Challenge

Have you ever asked yourself why so many people quit diets?  Why do people quit the gym? Is it because their bodies are telling them to quit?  According to Orrin Woodward & Claude Hamilton it’s mind over body.  Because when it comes down to it, the mind does control the body in all areas of our life.  So therefore, it’s not our body that is telling us to quit, it is our mind.  And in today’s society we have developed a “quitting is ok” type of mentality.  That my friends is not the right track to be on!

Over the past couple days in Columbus, Ohio, the LIFE business held its Spring Leadership Convention.  They have launched what they call their “flagship product”..the Mental Fitness Challenge.  What the speakers explained is that people quit things and don’t achieve success simply because they aren’t mentally strong or don’t have what is called mental toughness.

Well, finally, there is something out there to train your brain for success and “live the LIFE you’ve always wanted“.  Watch this MFC (Mental Fitness Challenge) introductory video here;

For more information go to & you can also look at participating in changing this society and becoming a member of the compensated community.

Bye for now,

Joce Dionne



38 responses to “Mental Fitness Challenge

  1. worduplife

    Time to put the UFC and the KFC aside and try out the flagship MFC. Looking forward to testing this out.

  2. Ckoziol

    I hope that people can honestly take a good look at themselves and recognize their need for this program regardless of their desire to be a part of the compensated community. The information is amazing!

  3. teamhomard

    My 14 year old son overheard me talking to a client the other day and after the conversation, out of the blue, he said “dad, you didn’t speak with people like that a couple of years ago” in a positive manner. My first year with Team has just passed, and I’m very happy with the results. This is why I signed up, to improve myself so that I can serve others effectively. I have no doubt MFC is going to help me achieve my goals even more efficiently than before. I’m very proud to be part of your Team Joce. Thanks for your support and leadership (=^_^=)

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  5. Scott Staley

    Great article Joce! MFC is a life changer for everyone who wants to start living the life they’ve always wanted! Orrin (, Claude ( and the rest of LIFE founders have put together something which helps people connect to that life. I love the excitement in people ‘s eyes when they see how this all comes together.

  6. Mike Rocheleau

    Great blog article Joce, thanks for sharing


  7. The 90 day Mental Fitness Challenge is fantastic launch pad to a LIFE long journey of excellence! I’m taking the challenge and a am brave sole to get 360 degree feedback close friends, family members, my wife and especially from my mentors Wayne & Raylene MacNamara

  8. Great post Joce! I’ve been digging into the information as I start this 90 Day challenge myself and I am so impressed by the quality of the material! The 8 CDs in Module 1 are world-class and quickly help me get a bigger picture of what my life can become. Success in all 13 areas listed in Orrin Woodward’s book RESOLVED is a life-long journey and for me that journey has started!

    This is truly a great program that Orrin Woodward (, Claude Hamilton ( and the rest of LIFE founders have developed.

    Thanks for sharing Joce.

  9. Ellen Guimond

    Great blog Joce…..the MFC is by far the best thing to enter our household yet. We look forward to doing the challenge everyday!

  10. Trent Crane

    Joce, yes for sure, the Mental Fitness Challenge ( ) is a “Flagship” product! Looking forward to the postive results it brings.

    Take Care

  11. A week in, and I already notice the difference!

  12. Thanks for a great post Joce. Claude Hamilton and the rest of the PC have given us a product that will surely change the world for the better; by individually giving us a chance to change ourselves. And with the support offered by friends, family and mentors it makes the challenge fun and enjoyable to take.

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  14. Joce, Great article. Like I said last night. Many times success is mind over mattress! 🙂 I think I heard that from Stephen Covey the first time. thanks, Orrin

  15. Dayle

    Awesome stuff I love the new MFC!!!!

  16. mike

    What a amazimg business to be involved in. Helping people and there familys. Become job optional

  17. Linda Blackmore

    Just getting started with the MFC and already the challenge is on. I love the DVD and the way Chris and Orrin introduce this new way of using our minds and doing it in such a fun loving way but challenging us to be the best we are meant to be. I love what it is doing for me and what I can help it do for others who want to live the life they always wanted

  18. This may be one of the best and most important things you can do. Start to improve yourself as a person. What could be more important then growing yourself. This will help you in every area of your life. Take the test, find your strengths and weakness’s and start to improve.

  19. donna durelle

    Great article on MFC it’s so the best thing I will do for me & my family. So important to know what area’s of your life you want to change. Without the MFC I wouldn’t of realized what I truly wanted to CHANGE !! Thank-you

  20. armand durelle

    LIFE is very short. This is why it is so important to live it the way you want. The Mental Fitness Challenge gives you the discipline and knowledge of what to do to achieve The Life You’ve Always Wanted !!

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  22. This is a great way to identify areas that people want and need to work on to develop themselves to live the life they’ve always wanted.

  23. Hi from the States, Joce! Excellent, spot on post. I have truly enjoyed the MFC since its roll out a month ago. It teaches so much in such a packaged way — goal setting, visualization, leadership skills, accountability, community, et al — truly a fantastic offering for anyone who wants to live an excellent life 🙂

    • Thanks pal. States keep leading the way, you’re like our big brother.

      • You’re certainly welcome! Absolutely, we will! Being one of Terry’s guys, I couldn’t ask for a better role model to wave the Kaizen flag for both nations 🙂 ( p.s. That was an EXCELLENT talk at the December event up in Ontario )

  24. Phil Wall

    Why do so many people quit diets?  Why do people quit the gym? Great question. The Answer……most likely they haven’t completed the awesome LIFE Flagship product. “The Mental Fitness Challenge” all joking aside. Yes absolutely agree, you win the mental battle, the body will do as its told.


    • Raylene

      Great point Phil, I know anytime I’ve broken my work out routine it was due to mental fatigue and lack of focus. Being mentally fit is a huge part of sticking to all your daily habits.

  25. Jonathan Hall

    Great post Joce! What an exiciting ride it has been since we started the MFC. It is exciting to see and know where we need to change and grow. Thanks for all you do!

  26. I’ve only been doing the Mental Fitness Challenge for a couple of weeks, but so far I am loving the results. The LIFE business has really hit a home run with this one. The product is great, the compensated community is great. It’s win-win. Thanks for posting, Joce!

  27. Great Post Joce, the MFC will change lives if people will just use it.
    God Bless

  28. Tim Miller

    Great post! MFC will bring to light where we need to change and the tools to make the changes.

  29. Raylene

    Great article Joce, we are a little over a month into the MFC and its really making a difference in peoples lives. Between the info, the trips, the comp plan, the OTCAs, PV on association….its just getting better and better. Proud to be associated with you guys!!!

  30. Justin Hogan

    Great article Joce. The Mental Fitness Challenge has been excellent. I’m entering my 2nd month of the MFC and it has been a blessing. It is helping me get stronger in all areas of my life. Just another awesome product put together by Orrin, Chris and the rest of the PC.

  31. armand durelle

    Really enjoyed your article. What u said is so true for many of us. Second month of MFC amazing how I now have taken charge of my life. Changing area’s that I wanted to change just didn’t know how. Thank-You !!

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