Update on the Mental Fitness Challenge

I’ve been in business with Claude Hamilton now for 9 years and sometimes I really think he is the smartest person on the planet!  He is an amazing visionary and great optimist.  I have learnt so much from him on that side.  I’ve come to realize that 99% of his knowledge is because he has been a student of Professional Development & Self Help for over 15 + years now.  He will be the first one to admit that his success in life points directly to that material of powerful association with the right people, audios and reading books.  Now with the Mental Fitness Challenge (MFC) it has become a whole lot easier for people to start their Professional Development journey and achieve success.  Guys like Claude, Orrin Woodward & Chris Brady are not only helping people achieve their goals, but also helping many create great incomes through the LIFE business. The future is bright in the LIFE community.

The LIFE business’ newest product MFC is almost creating a new industry!  That is how impactful LIFE Founders Orrin Woodward & Chris Brady think this product really is.  Orrin Woodward says: “The Mental Fitness Challenge is a culmination of nearly 20 years of filtering out the good from the bad in the personal development field. This is pure self-help food provided in bite-size pieces for anyone desiring to improve his or her life!”

The craziest part is that not only can someone make a positive forward change in their personal, work or family life with this product.  But if they choose so, they can also participate in the compensated community part of the LIFE business opportunity.

QUESTION FOR THE READERS:  What is your favorite part about the Mental Fitness Challenge and why do you think this can help you (and others) in your life?

Take the challenge!




256 responses to “Update on the Mental Fitness Challenge

  1. Hey Joce,

    The self-assessment test is really awesome and well put together, I love the videos and how everything is explained so clearly.

    The MFC rocks!

  2. Joey

    I simply like the personal challenge and personal growth it has already done for me. I am loving the MFC!!


  3. I love the material and what it does for you. The jolt of success it gives to your mind, and how it changes your thinking to be all that you can be is phenomenal!

  4. Terry

    You make great points Joce. I like the fact that you can take the challenge with a friend and hold each other accountable. Thanks pal,


  5. I love how easy it is to follow and do…we want to have more finishers in life and the MFC is a great way to help people develop daily habits for success. Claude Hamilton (http://www.claude-hamilton.com) has once again introduced us to yet another way to improve our lives and the lives of so many. Great article Joce…keep leading


    looking forward to starting the MFC


    can’t wait to finish the 90 days







  11. todd hansen

    can’t wait to challenge myself

  12. erica steeves-hansen

    i am excited to start

  13. Hey Joce!

    My favorite part of the MFC is that for anyone who struggles to remember things, there are accountability partners, challenge focus groups, and text and email reminders! Love it!


  14. Marie-Claude Troli

    Your article is dead on. MFC is going to change lives!

  15. Louise & Alan McKeen

    Hi Joce!
    Well written! The MFC can & will change peoples lives!


  16. Louise & Alan McKeen

    Hey Joce!
    Well said! The MFC provides a way to help people improve & get out of the ruts we create…awesome program!
    Alan & Louise

  17. i love it’s usefulness! it allows people who are honest with themselves see he areas in thier life that they can use improvement in, and then gives the material to improve that area!
    Love it!


  18. Its overall usefulness. From begining to end(does that ever happen?) MFC has you covered. Assesment, accountability, world clasds materials,
    Gotta love it!


  19. Paul Elliott

    I like the self assessment test, it get you to realize your strong and weak points and allows you to focus on those areas in your life that needs the most attention. Also, it gives you the ability to have some of your closest friends and family to rate you. Maybe by seeing those results you will need to focus on different area that you thought you were strong in. Eye openers!

    Great Post!

    Paul & Lisa Elliott

  20. Glendon

    People challenge themselves at the gym lifting weights, doing cardio to train their bodies. The best fitness plan is to change it up around 4-6 weeks. Keeps challenging your body this way. Well with the Mental Fitness Challenge (MFC) it is a way to train your brain. A focus for 90 days and something different, a plan that is laid out to give your thinking a challenge. Looking forward to seeing the end results.

    Thank you Joce 🙂

  21. Yvon Doiron

    Hey Joce. I like the way the MFC keeps you on track and also I like Orrin & Chris sense of Humor!!!! on those videos, Great stuff can’t wait to see what’s next.

  22. Ellen Guimond

    The MFC has brought such positive energy to our home! I love that everday I just get to learn more and more and in return get to share this information with everyone we meet!!

  23. Catherine

    I love the way it’s structured to keep yourself accountable and allows you to connect to others that are doing the same! It’s a complete package!

  24. Lisa Deveau

    This is an awesome program. In just two weeks I have noticed a big impact. I am so excited to see where the leaders of Team/Life are going. This is going to impact so many people. I’m already seeing the ripple effect in my own family.

  25. tshayes11

    Well said Joce!

  26. Matthew Robinson

    The best part i find of the MFC is that in doing it your not only helping yourself but all those around you. Everyone should do this i know i will be starting very soon.

  27. JL Pellerin

    This MFC is super fun and easy! When is the last time you made a decision to better yourself in a certain category of your life and not have to wonder how to do it or who to talk to about gathering the RIGHT info to assist you on your way to personal success. It’s the total package! JL

  28. Marilyn Rushton

    The Mental Fitness Challenge is a great product!

  29. Pick a favorite part?! Impossible! As your other readers have said…the self-assessment piece is great for understanding your weaknesses and strengths…the accountability piece keeps you moving forward when you don’t feel like it…and the principles that you study and learn through the process can have a life-long impact! Thanks for a great post!

  30. Yvon

    The MFC is going to be a revolution product !

  31. worduplife

    The 1st thing the MFC did for me was give a picture of reality, a score board of where I currently am in my personal life. I am excited that along with the MFC assesment is the challenge that when done will improve upon the original assesment results. It will be interesting to redo the test several times over the coming months to see how I am scoring. The MFC assessment forces you to take an honest look at where you are at. Of course my attitude was 100% I couldn’t believe how great it was….baaHaha!! Obviously truthful answers will give u the best picture. I am excited to be chasing Perfection, I will however settle for excellence.
    Great post Joce! Keep rocking the boat!

  32. Charles McIntyre

    Hi Joce,

    The 360 degree option and self assessment test are great to identify areas of improvement and track your progress!

    Loving the MFC!

    • Scott Morrison

      Peers are always excited to give feedback on your starting point! But with the MFC, its ONLY a starting point!

    • That is one of my favorite parts too. I had an idea of where I stood in certain areas, but when I took the test, it opened my eyes a little more 🙂

  33. alicia

    Weooooo we can get this guys!!

  34. Scott Staley

    I like the structured approach – like building blocks as it walks you through the challenge. Each step building upon itself.

  35. Manon McIntyre

    Wow! Great Blog Joce!

    MFC will help us stay on track and accountable. Great tool to help us get in mental shape 🙂

  36. William Wallace

    HI Joce,

    Can’t wait to go to Disney thanks to MFC 🙂

  37. There is definitly a buzz about the MFC my friend!! People need to try this thing!! It feels good to be winning at life and to have a tool that will help and accelerate the process is tremedous!! Thanks for all you do!

  38. brad rushton

    The MFC is great

  39. Karl

    We had a blast taking the self-assessment test! We all discuss about the results and we all found something about us that we had no idea! 🙂 Imagine now what the MFC will do 😉

  40. Jacquelino

    I really love the Goal & Daily Task check sheets to help in my self-discipline each day and to keep track of my progress. This can really help to encourage each other in moving forward.


  41. joel and alicia


  42. Raylene

    You are so right Joce, Claude (http://claude-hamilton.com) is an amazing visionary and optimist. He has been an increible student for years therefore, he is able to be an amazing leader. The Mental Fitness Challenge is an incredible tool to help people get results in their life and live the life they’ve always wanted.

  43. Karlos

    I have one thing to ask people now : “Costa Rica? Disney? Cruise?,…” MFC rock!!!!

  44. Paul Mackinnon

    Getting someone started on the MFC is simply fast forwarding their personal growth and fueling a potential upswing in whatever else they are endeavoring to do! Committing to the MFC and associating with like minded people-means embracing the opportunity to create good daily habits and long term success. What a vehicle to take to market!

  45. Stacy MacKinnon

    Hey Joce,
    Great Blog article. I love the way the MFC is laid out. The books, videos and cd’s give you great information that comes at you in different ways but is all tied together. The message really sinks in because of that. I think that the MFC can help our family become successful, not just financially but, in all areas of our LIFE especially if we continue to focus on “putting the big rocks in first”! 🙂

  46. Jeffrey Lawrence

    Hey Joce,

    Favorite part is the consistency, I always struggled with that part. I had the ability to run my heart out for short bursts but then vacationed just as hard lol The MFC is helping me develop real succes, small incremental improvements over time!


  47. Jack

    MFC is going to improve so many lives!! No more quitters, just finishers 🙂

  48. Mary Doucette

    I am in my 3rd week of the MFC and find the daily tracking sheets are helping me stay focused which the sanquin part of me does at time have difficulty with. I have always enjoyed the CD’s and the books and I like the way the MFC is packaged

  49. Mary Doucette

    Hey Joce,
    Love the MFC. Like the way I can include my friends simply by emailing them.

  50. I am enjoying the whole accountability factor. As a single building this business that is one of my goliaths. Can’t wait for ouf first MFC meeting tonight. Looking forward to the discussion session.

  51. christophenolan

    Great blog, I see why you are one of the top leaders. The MFC is a important tool to have in your trunk. By getting people to join you with the MFC people will see what LIFE is doing and jump aboard like never before.

  52. Scott Morrison

    Loving the MFC and ALL the LIFE products!! Changing mine and my families lives bit by bit, day by day! Incredible truths revealed by leaders like Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady and Claude Hamilton!

    • Lisa Jewer

      Some people just don’t get it. This is LIFE changing. We will go to a million in no time with this fantastic Mental Fitness Challenge.

  53. matt carter

    Well said Joce! And yes your so right…Claude is one of the smartest people on this planet! The Mfc is a revolutionary life changing product and it is going to touch a lot of lives. This is what the world needs to create a better place for us all. On another note BAMFAM is such an amazing cd and is a crucial tool to building our business especially for us crazy kaizan canadians!

  54. patrick clowater

    We r very proud of the leader you and cynthia have become. I remember when you first joined with claude and lana on this amazing adventure. Wow! You guys have come so far in ur leader ship journey. Cankt wait to see you speak next month in Ontario. God Bless

  55. ADAM

    Enjoying listening Jose… great teacher and passionate presenter

  56. JDeFraga

    The MFC does a great job of identifying weak points and giving you a game plan to improve in those areas. Far better than picking up a book and going alone.

  57. Melissa Jackson

    I can’t wait to see the new meeting format rolling out tonight. The MFC is amazing, already seeing changes!!

  58. Jaqua Taylor

    Joce, my favourite part of the mental fitness challenge is Orrin Woodwards book Resolved. It has helped me focus on my purpose and my passion and having the right attitude to walk that out. Reading this book in “bite sized” chunks has really allowed time for goals to be set in Living these purposes out intentionally. Thanks LiFE founders for bringing this tool to market to help in my LIFE.

  59. chelseadaleomitchell

    Looking forward to meeting you and your lovely wife at June seminar!!!! Thank you for your servant leadership!!!!

  60. Rose

    I love how the MFC book Resolved is divided into 13 sections! It was encouraging to see the areas that I was doing great in. And very exciting to think what my results will be as I apply what I learn in the areas I don’t understand fully. There is a clear and concise way to measure progress!
    Thanks again to Claude for his work putting this thing together!

  61. patrick clowater

    Self assessment is exciting and a bit scary all at the same time. Great blog posting!

  62. Lee

    I love how it programs us for success instead of allowing others to program us for mediocrity or failure

  63. Hollie

    The best part of the MFC is how it can help anyone in any area of their lives. I love what it has done for my marriage and seeing how the material has a positive affect on my children as well.

  64. Great Job Joce Sharing your feedback on the MFC, your a champion! All the Best in LIFE
    Alex Nickerson (http://alexnickersonleadership.com)

  65. Aage Smies

    Joce, you and Cynthia were our first live seminar last year inspiring us to buy a tickets to the MacNamara and Hamilton (http://claude-hamilton.com ) train!! Now with MFC, it makes our futures brighter than ever!!

  66. Kody Ellis

    The MFC is an amazing challenge that LIFE has launched. It has changed my life in so many ways already in the past 2 weeks.
    Thanks to the Life Founders for all the work they’ve put into this!

  67. Bill

    MFC will be a revolutionary product. I’m proud to be in your LIFE community Joce & Cynthia. Thanks.

  68. Wade Hamblin

    The 90 day Mental Fitness Challenge is fantastic launch pad to a LIFE long journey of excellence! I’m taking the challenge and a am brave sole to get 360 degree feedback from close friends & business partners, family members, even my wife (really brave) and especially from my mentors Wayne & Raylene MacNamara. I can’t wait to see how the Challenge Group meetings (starting May 15th) will enhance the MFC.

    Wade Hamblin

  69. Dave Begley

    MFC has the option for the user to take control of their fuiture by changing their present

  70. Rob Hoffer

    Thanks Joce..Your admiration of Claude is awesome and inspiring….Really looking forward to seeing you and Cynthia in June at the next Seminar!!!!!

  71. Jamie Bauman

    I am always thrilled to see what great information the LIFE Leaders come out with and this last product, the MFC, is amazing. It is an incredible tool to help strengthen your personal life from any and all aspects. Thank you to all who worked so hard into creating this and all who have promoted/supported it so well!

  72. smiesmom

    My favourite part of the mfc is the daily accountability. I also love how much it has brought our community together.

  73. Hi Joce,
    In my opinion, the MFC has it all… books, CDs, 360 degree feedback so you can work on your blind spots, and a step-by-step pattern to work your way through it and on to the life you’ve always wanted.

    These are all of the reasons why I’ve decided to get started on the challenge and try and get as many friends as possible to take the challenge with me!

  74. Rhys Plant

    I love the challenge of it! It’s like going to the gym with a buddy…you always lift more. Doing the MFC with some friends is the same thing! Your going to do the MFC, and probably more if your challenging yourself and a friend. It’s a blast

  75. Chay Taylor

    MFC is the best thing to come along in a very long time 🙂

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  77. kaizenvision

    Great Blog Joce! The MFC can become anyone’s gameplan for success!You and Cynthia are elegant teachers, so excited to have you both come to Ontario next month! Proud of you both! Keep leading!

  78. colleenlthompson

    My favourite thing hasn’t even started yet! Small challenge groups are going to be amazing!!!

  79. Lisa Jewer

    I love your dedication to this LIFE. It is like no other! Thanks for always inspiring us – with all the leaders – to be better people. We only have one LIFE, so do it right!

  80. Alicia Jackson

    I’m glad Claude mentored you, so you can mentor other people to be successful in their life.
    MFC is awesome. This will change everyone significantly!

  81. Lise

    Who wouldn’t want to grow on a personal level, and in this process, help and empower their families, communities and who knows how many others?! This Challenge is going to be awesome!

    • Patsy Cormier

      I sincerly think we are making the greatest impact on our Children by growing ourself…
      Love your comment Lise!../

  82. What the MFC has done for me already is changed my thinking from 2 specific cds in the first Mudule the cd on Attitude by Claude Hamilton. This cd talks about how a person can drastically change their lifes circumstances simply by changing their Attitude. And the second cd by Orrin Woodward- The Ant and the Elephant. This mind blowing cd goes on about how powerful the media has infiltrated our subconcious minds and how important it is to program our selves with positive thoughts and not by advertisers wanting us to simply buy their products.

  83. Rhonda

    i like to think of the MFC as “wheaties” for your brain! the entire library of developmental material we have to access and share, makes any improvement task you see for yourself easy to start. but also adds in an accountability factor to complete. Great Post Joce!

  84. Great article Joce! One of the greatest aspects of MFC in my opinion is the ability for others to give feedback which helps me identify the areas where I’m self deceived.

    The 360 degree feedback can be a real eye opener. Hats off to the Founders of LIFE for developing this valuable tool.

  85. Jacqueline

    The saelf-assessment tool and the 360 degree feedback is a long awaited tool for people to really have a chance at knowing which direction to go.

  86. Lisa Jewer

    MFC materials allow us to really dive in to our lives and see where improvements can be made. By sharing this tool we are able to pay it forward and REALLY make a difference! Working together to a common goal!

  87. Scott Morrison

    Excited to improve myself all the way to Disney World!! Thanks Joce, Wayne, Claude and the rest of the LIFE founders for the MFC and LIFE products!!!

  88. Vicky Connell

    Fried up!!!! To an amazing couple!

  89. The MFC makes contacting others so easy. It’s amazing to be able to share with people the results that we are personally experiencing!

  90. Aage Smies

    The absolute dedication that the leaders have to the newest person and helping them succeed is simply amazing and to have the Mental Fitness Challenge as a base platform.

  91. patrick clowater

    Joce you r a true leader of leaders! Keep rollin!

  92. I’m excited about the mental fitness challenge for the 360 degree feedback, we don’t have a balanced growth without figuring out our blind spots, looking forward to seeing the results come in.

  93. Chad Waters

    Great Blog! Can’t wait to see you in june!

  94. Julie Clowater

    The East coast is truly blessed to have such visionaries leading the way to truth ! Thanks for all you both do

  95. jason

    Mfc changing lives in everyway possible..everyday new lives are touched and changed..my wife and I are greatful for this coming into our lives when it did….life changing life saving..

  96. I think its amazing that you and Cynthia are such humble students with incredible results and success in life! Thanks for your leadership, a direct result of the mental fitness challenge you have been taking over the last 9 years. Can’t wait to see you in Ontario next month!

  97. Frank Richard

    Its comforting to know when you start your MFC your comfident the material is coming from people of character and with a purpose. We see the results in our leaders and coaches. So if we do things right we know exactly where were going.

  98. Scott Seeley

    Hey Joce,

    Great Blog!
    I know we are loving the information so far and we are very excited to share this information with others.

    Keep the posts coming!

    Scott Seeley

  99. Linda Landry

    Wow…. lots of good reading on your blog Joce! Great Job! Can’t wait to see how many success stories (we won’t be able to keep track!!!!) are going to come from this tool. What an amazing concept to better yourself. Let the Challenge Begin!


  100. Brian Dodge

    This is the best business on the planet,if you like helping people and making money while doing it!

  101. Shawn Szalai

    I think the Association is the beast part. Keeping people accountable is key to sucess

  102. Denis Hebert

    Many Years ago I read “A day without learning is a wasted day”. I don’t know who said it but I do believe and live by it. One thing that the MFC has done for me is that from the start with the assessment test it made me realize the area in my life I need to focus on when before I just could not put a finger on it. Thanks you to Orrin, Chris, the PC and you Joce, the introduction of MFC will be a #1 tool for bring out the leadership in us.

  103. Amanda MacDonald

    Im so excited to start the MFC. I have only heard great and positive things and I cant wait to experience it. 🙂

  104. Troy Gallant

    Hi Joce, every day I take something from the MFC and apply it. Knowing and not applying, is like not knowing at all.

    • Adrian Gallant

      I’ve seen some unbelievable changes in my son since the LIFE business started. I got to try this Mental Fitness Challenge.

      • Samuel Gallant

        I love the Edge Subscription, and the Mental Fitness Challenge is going to get me, my sister and mom and dad to the Oasis of the Sea..

    • I agree! MFC is full of knowledge that we can all apply! love the quote

  105. Pascal Hebert

    The association in my life has never been this impactfull. I’ve fallen in love with learning again, to become all that I can be. It takes time, on step at a time for me to change, and I know (I’ve been told) the results show already in a couple of months. It’s exciting to think what 2-3 years will do, of applying good principle while developing my vision.

    I feel very lucky to be hear!

    • Pascal Hebert

      (correction) *here! (my English is improving too! lol)

      • Irene

        Your english is great Pascal!!!!!

        And I agree, you are very right, we are very blessed to have this amazing opportunity!!!

    • Karl

      I totally agree with you Pascal! And what about the MFC meeting last night! It was great and people know now their next step in the learning process. I can’t wait for the next session 🙂

      • Patsy Cormier

        I agree with you Pascal, Karl and Irene….we are blessed to have this opportunity…We have had the chance to make some great friends through all this… cant wait to see you back at next major!!!

  106. Bonnie Gallant

    I’ve heard it said that we judge others by their actions and ourselves by our intentions. By taking the self assessment test and also having our friends and family take it on our behalf we can see the gap that exists between our actions and our intentions. MFC is the tool to help close that gap!

  107. calvintcrane

    It’s hard to find a specific favorite part of the MFC. I believe the components or features in the MFC outside from the amazing CD’s and books, such as the online environment and self assessment test, and soon-to-be smartphone app, makes the idea of learning and growing something fun, and certainly something worthy of our time.

  108. The MFC is a great product for anybody to start their personal development journey and it’s also priced right so everyone can benefit from it!


  109. Lisa Desjardins

    Hey Joce! This mental fitness challenge is something I’ve needed for years! I was a little intimidated by all the books and cd’s but we do with small steps one day at a time. It’s perfect! My elephant took me to the gym 3 times last week and twice this week already!

  110. Dyson Waterbury

    Hey Joce, great blog post. My favorite part of the MFC is the self assesment test. Chapter 6 in Orrin Woodward’s book Resolved: 13 Resolutions for Life illustrates the importance of “keeping score” and the self assesment test gives everyone participating in the 90 day Mental Fitness Challenge a starting point in order to do that.

  111. Patsy Cormier

    I only have positive things to say about LIFE!!! Tonight was our first Challenge meeting…It felt good to connect with others and share…
    I love the sense of community!..
    Thanks Joce and Cynthia for being the Leaders you are…

  112. Bonnie Gallant

    I’ve heard it said that we judge others by their actions and ourselves by our intentions. By taking the self assessment test and also sharing it with others to take on our behalf, we can clearly identify the “gap” between our intentions and our actions. MFC is the tool to help close the gap!

  113. Patsy Cormier

    allo Joce
    C’est moi Kiera. tu as un beau site!
    de Kiera ☺

  114. Rick Hamminga

    Can’t wait to start the challenge. The LIFE business is so exciting. We are so blessed to be part of such a wonderful team.

  115. Irene

    Hey Joce!!
    I like your blog- Claude and Lana are very inspirational!

    I think that for me my favorite part about the Mental Fitness Challenge is that I get to do it with Karl, who is the reason why I am here in this business!! I need to improve and develop so much, and seeing him have such strong confidence in me makes me want to change myself for the best.

    I will probably work at the speed of a turtle but I will not give up against the sneeky rabbit (Karl).
    I love that we are not alone and we have great mentors like the policy council, Joce and Cynthia and Pascal and Suzanne, to halp and lead us, cus we are a team!!!!!!

    • Irene

      I mean ”help and lead us”- see I did it too Pascal, lol

    • you are faster than you think Irene…:) keep up the good work!

    • Linda Landry

      Hey Irene…. I just wanted to tell you how awesome it is to be on the same team as you and Karl. It is going to be a blast growing together with the MFC. All of you in QC contribute so much to us here in NB. We are all working together even though we are miles apart. Steadfast Strong!!!!
      Can’t wait to be with you all again!

  116. Nicole Pellerin

    Hi Joce! we are having a blast with the Mental Fitness Challenge! …and FUN is the key word all of our friends who are taking it with us keep saying! As a mom and a business owner I always have to be on my game and the MFC is totally giving me the fuel I need! thanks!


  117. Denis Hebert

    MFC is AWESOME!!!

  118. Don

    Hi Joce, Thanks for all the great information.

  119. Guy Boudreau

    Hi Joce! Last night was very exciting with the first Mental Fitness Challenge group at JL and Nicole. (I loved this) In reading the paragraph on purpose in the Resolved book that if one handles the inner scoreboard, the outer scoreboard takes care of itself. Always a blast with J and Nicole


  120. Denise Doucet

    Hi Joce, participating in the first Mental Challenge gourp was awesome. I know that we are heading in the right direction in finding our purpose.

  121. Valerie Frenette

    Hi Joce!
    My favourite part of the MFC is actually the Weekly journal. I’m actually capable of keeping track or what went wrong and what went right and improve myself daily! So far it’s only been two weeks and the results have been amazing for myself! I think the MFC is awesome! I think it could help a lot of people just try to figure out what they want to accomplish out of life. Like myself, being young, getting out of school sometimes you don’t really know what you want to do in life and taking the MFC could clarify SO MUCH for them.


  122. Great post, Joce! The MFC is certainly making noise so that is super good! Pretty awesome… (-_-)

  123. Great post Joce. Personally, I find the 360 degree feedback to be amazing. Not only do you get to see where you think you are, but you also get to see how other people view you.

  124. Samantha & Wes

    Hey Joce!
    Well said! MFC really opens ones eyes to strengths and weaknesses so we can focus on growing ourselves to be the best we can be! The world is in dire need of more great leadership and the MFC is an awesome tool to help each one of us reach our true potential in all areas! With the accountability partners and 360 feedback this will be changes lives everywhere!!! Making it mainstream! 😉
    Samantha and Wes

  125. We love the MFC! It’s challenging and it’s fun also! The MFC helps you develop the right habits and once you have them, you can move in the right direction! The cool thing is you can share the experience with family & friends and let them experience the positive impact in their life!

  126. Trent Crane

    Joce, the low price point for the Mental Fitness Challenge is the part I feel will have the biggest impact. It’s going to allow huge numbers, if not everyone, to be able to afford to make great changes for the better in their lives.

    It’s exciting where this is heading!

  127. Andre Deveau

    I like the feed back you get from others when we sit with a group every couple weeks and discuss what each person has learn from the MFC. The habits that it creates spills over to all areas. Anyone the is looking to improve themself, this MFC is a great starting point.

    • That means alot Andre. Especially coming from you, where you & your wife have been students of Professionnal Development for a few years now, you can see the positives & negatives better than most people. Thanks, J

  128. Isabelle

    MFC is the best thing to come along in a very long time.

  129. Isabelle Richard

    I am so grateful for Life and for the MFC. Thank you for bringing fun, great values and positive people in my life. I can’t wait for the next major. Un gros merci aussi pour tous les produits en francais 🙂

  130. Jean-Marc Goguen

    I truly love the seminar!! Very positive and very helpful!!

  131. Jean-Marc

    Very nice message from the seminar! Truly impressive and very positive!! Keep up the good work!!

  132. Josette Mallet

    Life offre des produits des plus intéressants. J’ai découvert de nouveaux livres sur le développement personnel grâce à Life et j’en suis reconnaissante à des leader comme Jocelyn Dionne et son épouse ainsi que Patsy et Martin Cormier qui m’ont fait découvrir la compagnie Life.
    Life is offering very interesting books which can help me in my own life. I’ve discovered new books on personal development and I’m very thankful to Jocelyn Dionne and his wife and also to Patsy et Martin Cormier who make me discovered the Life Company.

  133. Go, fight, win! ‘Fresh activity is the best way to overcome adversity’ Goethe. Keep fighting the good fight!! God bless, kb

  134. Lisa Elliott

    My favorite part of the MFC is that you can have accountability partners to keep you on track. I also love the assessment test to know what your areas of strenght and weakness are.

  135. Joce:

    You’ve got it right! The Mental Fitness Challenge is there to help people live the life they’ve always wanted by challenging themselves in ways they’ve never been able. With accountability loops, 360 feedback, and community groups to help them apply the principles, anyone can grow and change for the better with the Challenge! Thanks for showing the way!

    God bless!


    Chris Brady

  136. Eric Blodgett

    I love everything about the MFC. My favorite part is the step by step approach that lets you know where your at, and how to get where you want to go. This has already made a huge impact in my life. Just by giving me the hunger to grow as a husband, and father, is enough for me to know I have my hands on something amazing. They hit a grand slam with this one!!

  137. Another Great post about the MFC, people are improving daily.
    God Bless

  138. Steve Adams

    Our results in life come as a direct result of our daily habits. The Mental Fitness Challenge is a great way to develop, and reinforce those good habits.
    Thank you for bringing out this great program!

  139. Jeff Carragher

    I enjoy our challenge groups so much because we make time in our week to sit and reflect. The MFC is a habit developer for good. Along with habits (good ones!) comes self discipline and self trust. Character comes next!

    Great post Joce!

  140. Hi Joce, I believe my fav part of the MFC is the checks on my blind spots. I luv the assessment test and seeing my 3 weakest areas to improve on. Amazing stuff. A far cry from when we both sat in that major convention together all those yrs ago. Proud to be in this must needed fight with you partner. Luv yas

  141. Joce,

    My fav part about the Mental Fitness Challenge is the info packed into it’s content gives everyone who follows the 90 day challenge. Gives anybody literly the same opportunity to learn from Outsanding leaders such as Orrin Woodward & Chris Brady to jump charge their lives it they only choose to role up their sleeves & apply principals on a daily basis.

    Don’ wander if it’s for you or not! ‘Cause it is!!! Take the MFC & let this program do it’s work on you. You’ll never regret it!!


    • Mary Doucette

      Hi Mike, I Don’t know you well enough to call you Parker but I like what you say. The knowledge I’m learning is helping me put my life in perspective. There is an expression ” You can’t teach an old dog new tricks “. Well this dog is learning.

  142. Great post Joce! So many favorites to choose but the best part for me is the accountability. The phlegmatic in me struggles to stay on task unless I have a structured program to hold me accountable every day. This is truly a boot camp for your brain and I am loving every minute of the process! Thanks for leading!!

  143. Louise & Alan McKeen

    Joce, the MFC challenge nights are fast becoming one of my favs!
    This is life changing !( no pun intended! =)

  144. Joce, great article on the MFC! Thanks for coming out to Alymer, Ontario last week… as you said so brilliantly, “Most people are more comfortable with old problems than new solutions.” Thankfully, our daily email accountability partners in the MFC can help keep us on track with this exceptional “new” solution to our “old” problems!

  145. Isabelle Richard

    Joce and Cynthia,
    Thank you so much for all the nuggents that you share and for being such wonderful leaders. I am so greatfull to have found Life.

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