LIFE Compensation Plan

Claude Hamilton recently wrote a great article on the LIFE Compensation Plan.  Claude & Orrin Woodward were previously successful leaders in a network marketing business in the late 90’s & early 2000’s.  Several years ago both Orrin & Claude along with a few other great leaders had to make a big decision that would severly impact their lives.

There is a great article by Dan Hawkins that explains the whole history behind this amazing character & courage these men displayed with their decisions.  It’s funny to see some “un-informed” people say Orrin & the LIFE business  compensation plan is a scam.  The real story is, they were involved with a company that they felt was going backwards.  So they decided that morally they could no longer be involved and left back in 2007.  Please read up on this on Dan Hawkins‘ whistleblower article and also Claude Hamilton’s latest blog post to get more information.  On top of that, Claude explains how LIFE compensation plan is the greatest & fairest compensation plan available today.

Because of that decision Orrin Woodward is often called a whistleblower.  Now with my french background I didn’t know what a “whistleblower” was so wikipedia came in handy:  whistleblower (whistle-blower or whistle blower) is a person who tells the public or someone in authority about alleged dishonest or illegal activities (misconduct) occurring in a government department, a public or private organization, or a company. 

You see, reputation is what people think of you & how you act when you’re in front of people.  But character is who you are  even when nobody is looking.  Therefore these men were faced with a decision.  Either to not rock the boat, stay silent like “yes men”.  Or be the whistleblower, change direction and chase better opportunity.

The LIFE compensation offers great monetary rewards and recently the LIFE Founders have added amazing free trips!!!  For great details, go to my good friend Denis Leger’s website.

To wrap up, these men stood strong and made the right decision, which is an amazing display of character & courage.  For that I want to personally thank Orrin Woodward & Claude Hamilton and the rest of the LIFE Founders for creating the best business opportunity in the industry.


Joce Dionne



116 responses to “LIFE Compensation Plan

  1. I love how you pointed out the definition of a whistle-blower, showing how it is someone who stands on integrity and does what is right, regardless of the consequences to himself!

  2. This is a great article Joce! So much great explanation of the background of these leaders and how they were inspired to create this amazing LIFE community!

    Thanks to the character of people like Claude Hamilton and the other LIFE founders, the concept of a compensated community has been birthed and offers everyone the opportunity to live the life they’ve always wanted.

  3. robbyandemily

    I agree 100%!!!!

  4. Phil Wall

    Sooner the truth is digested the sooner we can make right the decisions, and quit chirping about things we know nothing about. A personal example: I have never been a fan of the BMW, I have always chirped about it not being a great car etc (no need for details), never mind I have never driven one, not even sat in one. Anyway my ignorant chirping was put to rest the day I test drove a 328i BMW 2 weeks ago. Needless to say the truth has been revealed and the negative chirps have stopped and the positive chirping has begun.
    Thanks for blogging truth Joce.

    Chirp Chirp

  5. Today, in North America, there is a leadership crisis. I am grateful for the men and women who stand up for the principles they believe in. These are the people who are qualified to develop other leaders in our countries. As the #6 Leadership expert Orrin Wood discusses in his NY Times best selling book RESOLVED, reputation is what people think of us, while character is who we are when no one is watching.

    Leaders like Claude Hamilton, Wayne Macnamara, and yourself Joce are men of character, both in and out of the spotlight.

  6. awesome info joce, lead on!!

  7. Cj hourihan

    Great job:) life plan rocks and easy to understand

  8. Ellen Guimond

    Great blog Joce!!! Orrin and Claude are awesome leaders! You learned from the best!! We love all that you stand for……you are such a great leader and we cherish every moment we get to spend with you and Cynthia!!

    Ellen Guimond

  9. Putting together both Claude’s article along with Dan’s is a great way to show how good LIFE and it’s leaders truly are. Having the best leaders in the world along with a business containing the best compensation plan in the world is a recipe for success!

  10. Samantha

    LIFE is the best business available. People who rant about it being a scam just don’t know what they don’t know!
    Taking it mainstream,
    Sam and Wes 🙂

    • Louise & Alan McKeen

      You’re right Sam & Wes. We’re so glad you guys are on this journey with us & all the Team! The journey is amazing so far, as well as the people….just imagine where we’re going! =)

    • JL Pellerin

      I agree Sam and Wes. What is so cool is when someone actualy sits down long enough to take a look at the actual information …they are floored with how impactful the LIFE program is. Setting goals and hitting goals rocks!


      • Samantha & Wes

        Thanks JL and Louise too, we have awesome leaders in the team. We’re so glad to know you all. Love that this business places mentors and like-minded positive people in our lives! Society needs more of LIFE and less of other social media influence.
        Leaving a legacy!
        Sam & Wes

      • Very true, society does need more positive

      • Catherine

        I totally agree with JL they just need to take a minute to get the details of how much they can benefit from this incredible program. It is changing lives let’s keep it going 🙂

  11. Scott Seeley

    Great post Joce! It’s so nice to have leaders who stand for what’s right no matter what the consequences are. Thanks for all you do for us

    Scott Seeley

  12. Patsy Cormier

    Thank you for this info.,.Great Blog Joce!…

  13. Louise & Alan McKeen

    Hey Joce! Love the insert of the Whistleblower definition…It takes & rascal/character to stand up & make a change in the program…here’s to seeing many more positive changes take place!
    We really appreciate you & Cynthia !

  14. Nicole Pellerin

    Hey Joce, great blog! It is refreshing to be part of a progam that has a focus on doing what is right, getting better and moving forward. LIFE has been giving people what they need these days: excitement, positiveness and hope! Keep on blogging!


    • Louise

      Hey Nic! Indeed, it is more positive, exciting and much hope for the future.
      We already see so many changes in ourselves & testimonies from others.
      Thanks for always being there for me! =)

      • Nicole Pellerin

        Thanks Louise! You are such a great example of the LIFE program! Always simling and willing to help out others at the drop of a hat! You are like a people magnet! 🙂

      • I agree Nic, Louise could be a LIFE business poster-child! 🙂

  15. Josh Guimond

    Good blog Joce you mentioned a few great men, LIFE is full of them.

  16. Ghislain Plourde

    FIRED UP !!!!

  17. Lisa Deveau

    Fired up!!!!!

  18. It’s like the Chris and Orrin CD called “Whatever it takes, we’ll fix it”, we are running with some awesome leaders with amazing character and integrity.

  19. JL Pellerin

    Joce, you know what is so great about LIFE? When someone new starts reading books for the first time in years and starts asking you: “Hey, what are you reading? Man, I have to read that one next!” So cool!

    • LIFE is bigger than a business, it’s changing lives!

      • Absolutely! this weeks challenge group was the most powerful to date! What a great topic! I think my favorite part about this is the fact that you can see people make the small little changes, over time that end up showing up in their lives as these massive changes, over a period of time.

      • Alan

        Yup, i agree,life changing for sure.I never thought i’d read anything again other than Car magazines! And, surprised myself, I thoroughly enjoy the Team Life books!

      • JL Pellerin

        It’s so fun to hear people say: “Man, we have to show this LIFE info to my family, …or my friends, …or my buddies at work!” Yes there is a better way!


      • JL Pellerin

        Hey Alan, you may now be reading books instead of Car magazines, but I stil have yet to see anyone else show the plan on the hood of a car with more conviction than you! You maybe the next Dan Hawkins! 🙂

    • I love being able to share these books with people! I’ve gotten a few of the managers where I work to read Resolved, and they were very impressed, always asking me about the new books I’m reading at lunch now!

  20. Louise

    One of the things i have always prayed is that my public life be conducted the same as my private life.This business gives the tools & motivation to help make that happen;being accountable is huge =).

  21. Martin Cormier

    “character is who you are even when nobody is looking”
    You guys are Great Leaders! We are lucky to have People who stood up for what they beleived. Thank you for everything. I love reading your blog Joce.

  22. Thanks for taking the time to put this article together buddy! I appreciate it, and i know the rest of us Montrealers do too! When are we gonna see you out this way?

  23. Samantha & Wes

    We’re very thankful that Orrin and Chris and Claude and the other PC have the character and determination to go against the status quo. To fight for what they believe in to make this business what it is and we’re excited to have the chance to be part of their vision along with all of our amazing team. Can’t wait to change the world! We have our hands on the best material to make a difference!
    Fired Up!
    Sam & Wes

  24. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that we stand behind people who make decisions based on what’s right and we can follow their lead with no hesitations or doubt. Thank you Joce!

  25. Thanks for the UP on Dan Hawkins article. It’s good to know whose shoulders we are standing on, the honorable foundation of the Team system.

    Deach (=^_^=)

    • “The honorable foundation of the Team System” … well said Deach!

      • Thanks Pierre! It’s one thing to work on our own honor, but when we associate ourselves with other groups like nations, political parties, religions, fraternal organizations, gangs, etc… we become responsible and share in their honor as well as their dishonor as well, so we must choose wisely whom we associate with. My favorite experience was a NDE about 20 years ago. I got a life review, and it was all good (certainly could have been better though). The most important thing I learned was that all we get to take with us in the end, is our honor. Joining up with Team was a no brainer for me. Needless to say, I consider myself honored to be associated with Team, especially with Kaizan, because I am also a proud Canadian and maritimer. (=^_^=)

    • TEAM HOMARD!!! totally describes east coast-ers! We love our lobster 🙂

      Thanks Deach, you & Julie have great potential, keep rolling!

      • We are from the lobster capital of the WORLD and the maritimes is where you will find some of the very best Canadians, let alone some fantastic Team speakers, thanks to you and Cynthia. Keep it up bro!

        Deach (=^_^=)

  26. The trips are going to be great! I can’t wait to go on the Oasis of the Seas!
    And then it’s on to Maui!

    does everyone have their choices picked?

  27. marieclaudetroli

    lol…Patsy, you must have been typing that at the same time as me…we have almost an identical post.

  28. L.I.F.E. is good:) thanks Joce

  29. Danielle Robbins

    Well Said Joce. And thanks again for the amazing Seminar in Aylmer, Ontario last Saturday ! You and Cynthia had amazing talks !

  30. Paul Mackinnon

    Chris and Orin were at an amazing crossroads. They could have taken the easy road and said nothing… Instead they chose the hard road. Certainly the road they chose presented challenges in the short term that never would have been encountered on the other path. Looking back now I am sure they would say life eventually got easier. May we all display such insight and character at the crossroads we face in life.

  31. Jacquelino

    We are following incredible leaders of character and integrity!! So proud to be part of the L.I.F.E. Community.

  32. Yvon Doiron

    Great blog Joce, …we are following amazing Leaders.

  33. Pascal Hebert

    I’m glad how the truth color of character represented in this story is available for all to hear. Hearsay and rumors are present too much in our social environments, and it’s rarely good information.

    Thank you for your commitment Joce!

  34. Great Blog article Joce!!
    We’re glad too have you and Cynthia + Claude & Lana leading the way for Atlantic Canada!

  35. Paul Elliott

    At my current job they have a “Whistleblower policy” that we have to sign each year. Our company will not hold anyone responsible for bringing forth some type of illegal activities(wrong doings) that are happening within the organization. Orrin and Claude and the rest of the Life founders have set an amazing example to their Families, Friends and the communities that follow these men of principles. I am proud to be a member of Life and I will follow these guys anywhere!

    Paul Elliott

  36. Marilyn Rushton

    Thanks for the great blog Joce & the link to the acticle on Dan’s blog. Great story! Really shows what an incredible man Orrin is!

  37. melissadrover

    Great post Joce. Thanks for being the great leader you are!

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    Again, awesome site!

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