Great leader and friend Claude Hamilton

With the American Thanksgiving being this past weekend, I am reminded of giving thanks to my good friend Claude Hamilton.  Many of us go through our lives and forget to give thanks for our many blessings.  Maybe we take them for granted.  But today I want to take the time and show my appreciation to Mr. Hamilton.  Not only has he become my best friend in the past years, but he has been a great influence in my family, business and many other aspects of my life.

When you hear the word “friend” it’s easy to overlook that simple word.  Years ago I heard a speaker give the definition of a “real friend” and it really impacted me.  Here it is;


And obviously you know where I am going with this.  Claude Hamilton has been that person for me.  Some friends will come into your life and not really help you become better.  Like that quote says, they will only tell you what you “want” to hear and not get uncomfortable and tell you what you “need” to hear in order to awaken the potential inside of you.  My wife Cynthia & I are so thankful to have bumped into Claude & Lana Hamilton 9 years ago.  It’s amazing the thin threads that brought us together, but I’m sure it was all in God’s plan.

Here is a great article by Orrin Woodward on LIFE Founders Claude & Lana Hamilton:

click on this LINK

Enjoy the great post by Orrin Woodward.

Thank you,

Joce Dionne



128 responses to “Great leader and friend Claude Hamilton

  1. thanks joce for your post……i recently listened to an old cd by claude and lana and it was timely….claude stated….if you arent thankful with what you already have, why should you be blessed with more?” we need friends to remind us of these important truths.

  2. Great post Joce. I think we all can agree that Claude & Lana are truly awesome people!

  3. Louise & Alan

    Joce, great blog! we too are thankful for the people God has placed in our path, including Claude , Lana, you & Cynthia, JL & Nicole,and more…
    here’s to all of our futures & building strong friendships! =)

  4. Danny Campbell

    Great post Joce. When we held the final challenge group we went around the room saying what our favorite one was. Well mine was friendship. I have had close friends in the past, but nothing compared to what Kim and I have found through Life and Team. What we have here in the friendships that we have started and ones that we have yet to meet. Means more to me than anything that I have had before, and I am truly blessed to have friends that I can count on and know that they are there for support. Looking forward to growing the relationships that have been founded and call each friend a family member as that is what this has grown into being, a big extended family. Keep the great posts coming Joce.

  5. Anne Crane

    Hi Joce,

    Like Claude and Lana, you and Cynthia are real friends. I am so happy to have people like you in our lives that tell us not only what we want to hear but more so what we need to hear. Thanks! Anne

  6. Adriano Troli

    Great article Joce!

    Over the past two years You and Cynthia have become those great friends for Marie and myself … Im not sure where we would be without you… certainly not married. Like Claude says often, If you arent loyal to the few, you won’t be blessed by the many… You have represented that statement better than anyone I know… I only hope i can learn enough from you to duplicate that!

    Thanks for all you do

    Adriano and Marie

  7. Marilyn Rushton

    Love that quote!

  8. Detry

    It’s amazing how people come into our lives. Some will come along our journey for a short while and/or fade away as a memory. Then, you have those who come into our lives, create a lasting imprint, and continue along the journey with us. Everything you said about the Hamilton’s can be said equally about you and your awesome wife;)….you become who you associate with.

  9. Doug Trevors

    Thanks for the great post Joce! It’s great to have leaders like you and Claude!

  10. jeanita cormier

    great job Joce, the Hamilton’s are wonderful leaders and So are the Dionne’s

  11. Pierre and Lise Richard

    Great post Joce! Claude being such a great friend to you definitely flowed into you being a great friend to so many of us. 🙂

  12. Pascal Hebert

    I hear at my job often “Friends come and go but enemies accumulate”. What do you think of this?

    I’ve had plenty of activity friends come and go, nothing of great value and profond like Claude Hamilton and you have. This kind of friendship is precious and rare.

  13. Pat

    I hope to find that friend in my life, you and Cynthia are very fortunate to have found such a friendship! We’ve met Claude & Lana only a few times and found them very down to earth! I can see how they would be awesome friends to have and to share your lives with! You’ve spoken like a true friend Joce! Thank You for that quote…I will copy it for myself! Pat & John

  14. Marie-Germaine

    Ginette is right; we often forget to be thankful for what we have or maybe is it that we just don’t take the time?

  15. Ray & Linda

    Your leadership and friendship we treasure; we are proud to be Kiazan. Claude & Lana lead the way and the way is LIFE!

  16. I love that quote. it’s so true. One of the things I love about the LIFE products and the Team training system is that it has told me what I needed to hear. The truth hurts sometimes, but it’s amazing when you put it into practice!

  17. Samantha McKeen

    Great post! Thankful for LIFE! =)

  18. Mary Doucette

    I actually just got off my first conf call with Lana and Cynthia. Two remarkable Ladies. And after reading the links you referred us too, I have come back to say well done Joce. I’m very thankful for the friends I have made and continue to make since I joined Team.

  19. Awesome post Joce! Claude & Lana are truely great people and amazing Canadian leaders. Thanks for reminding us.

  20. Rick and Erma

    It’s great to have a friend who lives intentionally. I’ve come to realize that growing hurts, but as Orrin says, “No pain, no gain!” Friends that care enough to help us grow are hard to find. That’s what I love about the LIFE business.

  21. Alan McKeen

    Its good to have good friends, ones you can really count on !

  22. Louise

    friendship has many, umm, perhaps depths.I have many friends but not all I feel I can confide in & trust.Perhaps some haven’t been fortunate yet to learn you have to be a true friend to have a true friend.the material we have our PC leaders reviewing & sending out through subscription is amazing and changing people; helping lead people to better thinking.

  23. Rick Hamminga

    Great post Joce! Thanks for reminding us to be thankful for our friends, not just for the stuff we have.

  24. Patsy Cormier

    Great post Joce!…..I love this quote “friends are god’s way of taking care of us”

  25. Scott Seeley

    Great post Joce! One of the finest things in the world is to have great friends. That’s what we love about this business! It’s friends like you and Claude that make Life matter. When the truth needs to come out and be heard its best coming from a friend, a true friend.
    Thanks for all you have done in our lives and the friendship you’ve show us.

    Scott & Andrea

  26. Thank you Joce for taking the time to post this page! It is inspiring to see someone with so much character and integrity. For that thank you as well.
    God Bless
    Jeremy Pethke

  27. Lana Phillips

    Great to see someone thankful for the friends in their life – thanks for leading by example!

  28. Jacqueline

    We are so fortunate to know the real meaning of a friend through this LIFE Business! I believe it is the gel that holds this community together! Read this recently and it really spoke to me ,”The language of friendship is not words, but meanings. It is an intelligence above language.” – Henry David Thoreau

  29. Raylene MacNamara

    Great article Joce, couldn’t agree more, Claude is a true friend who will tell you what you NEED to hear and share truth with people, because he cares so much for them and will say and do uncomfortable things to help them move forward. We are all blessed to have him and Lana in our lives.

  30. Tracey Bishop

    We are so very fortunate to have such fearless leaders to follow as Claude and Lana Hamilton. They are leading thousands of people into great futures. Claude and Lana have set such a fantastic culture for their teams, a culture of love and that will most certainly change the world, a person at a time. Those of us who are already fortunate to be a part of LIFE and TEAM are truly blessed, and we will be more so, as we help others begin to change their lives as well. Thank you so much for the wonderful blog, and for being such courageous leaders to follow!

  31. Paul Mackinnon

    Friendship is interesting. As we move through our lives what defines it changes. Early on it was more activity based-now it is largely more about association. “You are who you hang around with!” Looking back at when I got married 13 years ago- the majority of those “friends” I have lost touch with… Joce, your friendship with Claude has been such a positive defining factor in your life. May we all be so fortunate to enjoy a friendship like that!

  32. JL Pellerin

    Hey Jocy! I really like your topic tonight. Being thankful for the true friends you have is something we all probably take for granted most times. Nothing beats having a friend who you can share good times and bad times with. There’s something very comforting about true friends. They acknowledge and accept who you were, they’ve helped you become who you are and they will be there to congratulate you when you become who you are supposed to be! You and Cynthia, and Claude and Lana, have become real true friends to Nic and I. True Friend: “He who know the difference between a pat on the back and a kick in the pants…but is willing to give both when the occasion calls for it!” That’s you pal! 😉

    Rock n Roll

  33. Juanita Mulhern

    Hey Joce Love this post. You and Cynthia sure show the example of following great leaders. Claude & Lana have been clearing the path to Success and you are always encouraging everyone to accept the gold ring!

  34. While I don’t get to mentor with Claude directly, the bar he sets on stage and as an example for the whole team is very high. Some of my favorite teaching has come from him. The TEAM and the LIFE Business are blessed to have him as a leader!

  35. John & Pat

    Having read all the replys so far, there are many good points made from all and there is no question that there are many who consider you Joce, and Cynthia to be their good friends. Joce, your friendship with Claude and Lana is living proof that true friends can work together in a business atmosphere that is filled with positive, life changing events and learning experiences. JL also makes some good points re true friends.
    True friends are hard to come by and ” are” there in good and bad times. Pat and I have made more friends in the months that we have been a part of this learning experience of finding out what we ” didn’t know” and being reminded of what we had “forgotten that we knew”, then I have made in the last 10 years! As JL says, a pat on the back or a kick in the pants that helps us move towards our goals and successes is all good when we know that it is sincere and thoughtfull. Positive food for the brain, bring it on 🙂 Here,s to more friends, having fun, and making a difference.
    John & Pat

  36. Stephanie Learmouth

    What a great post Joce! It really makes you stop to think who do you appreciate in your life? I know that for us Gerry and Louise, Denis and Lisa, Joce and Cynthia and Claude and Lana have been some of those people that have become true friends and have told us what we need to hear and necessarily what we want to hear:) We appreciate your leadership and your counsel, thanks! Keep up the great posts!!

  37. Stephanie Learmouth

    ” A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future , and accepts you just the way you are.” – from the book The Power of a Woman’s words.

  38. John & Pat

    Hi Joce. After having read all replys so far, it is quite obvious that you have many who consider you and Cynthia to be their good friends. Your comments are so true and you are living proof that it is possible to have a fantastic business relationship with people who are good friends, as you are with Claude and Lana. JL also makes a good point re good friends are hard to come by who are there in good and bad times. Pat and I have made more friends in the last months by being a part of this learning experience of finding out what we ” didn’t know” and being reminded of what we had
    ” forgotten that we knew”, than I have made in the last 10 years. As JL said, getting a” pat on the back or a kick in the pants” from a friend who is sincere and thoughtful, to help us reach our goals and successes is all good. Positive food for the brain, bring it on 🙂 Here,s to having more friends, having fun and making a difference!
    John & Pat

  39. Brenda & Yvon

    Nice post Joce, thanks for sharing the importance of appreciating true friendship! Love your quote!!

  40. melissadrover

    Thanks for all that you and Cynthia do, Joce!
    Matt & Melissa

  41. Jacqueline Dallaire

    Great post! The comments show how important true friendship is to people, and how much of an impact great people like yourself and Cynthia, and Claude and Lana, have had on all of us! You are all honest to goodness good hearted people, and you deserve all the good things coming your way! Keep it up 🙂

  42. Mike and Sonia Rocheleau

    Great post Joce! True Friendship is the one thing we can never have enough of. I remember hearing that friends are people that will accept us for who we are but can see us for who we can become. Thank you and Cynthia and the Hamilton’s for being those True friends to us. We are blessed to have you in our lives.

    • Martin & Patsy Cormier

      “Friends are people that will accept us for who we are but can see us for who we can become”…I like that…Thanks Mike and Sonia for sharing that quote!

  43. Stephanie Winger

    Excellent post Joce! Most people don’t value the friendships they have, being around this community has demonstrated the true meaning of friendship!

  44. Charles McIntyre

    Real friendship needs to be appreciated and celebrated! Yours and Claude’s friendship serves as a model for all of us to duplicate!

  45. Marc Mercier

    Joce, the longer we hang around you, the better we all become! You and Cynthia are an amazing couple to follow and we thank you for being such hungry students!

  46. Lucy wilson

    Thanks for the post Joce;)

  47. Marc-André Therrien

    Great quote on friendship. Makes people realize the difference between real friends and acquaintances.

  48. Stephan & Sandy

    Indeed ,thank you for holding the line as great leaders. Always inspiring.

  49. Andrew Learmouth

    Great post Joce, you can tell how much Claude means in your life and it’s obvious how much you have affected other peoples lives.

  50. Andy Roberts

    The Roberts family in Ottawa are all thankful for you help and all our uplines in Kaizen. It’s a real inspiration to have a friend like you. We are all working hard to share this wonderful opportunity with as many people as we can. All the best from, Celine, Andy, Vincent and Veronique Roberts

  51. Darcy & Tobi

    Thanks, Joce….sometime we need to be reminded not to take for granted the special people in our lives, and to appreciate all that we have 🙂

  52. In a society, where so many people are more concerned with what others can do FOR them; it has always amazed me the way that LIFE and it’s leaders ingrain a culture of “community-first”.

    The “real friend” reference illustrates the mentoring principles that Claude & Lana have used in the development of their RTs. Principles that the future Kaizen PCs will pass on, in the development of their RTs.

    Thanks Joce, for your blog and for being a “REAL FRIEND” to those that you lead/serve.

  53. Ross and Sue Thorne

    Great post Joce – it all comes down to our gratitude to Claude and Lana because where would we be without both of them and their tenacity? Determination to win, is the name of the game! Go Kaizen GO!

  54. Great post, Joce! The “real friends” approach to mentoring is what sets Claude & Lana apart. Thankfully, this “principle-centred” style of mentoring ensures that the next generations of LIFE leaders will be groomed the same way.

  55. Michel Côté

    Thank you for posting this. We appreciate the friendships this journey has allowed us to developed. You and Cynthia, Denis and Lisa, Danny and Iren, Gilles and Maureen have been there for us which has shown us how we need to be there for others. I really enjoyed tr post my Orrin. Had heard of the story before but this just solidifies the true meaning of building compensated communities and why we choose to do it.

    Keep them coming.

    Michel and Elise

  56. Hey Pal, your are a shinning example of friendship at its best. Raylene and I value ur loyality and commitment to the TEAM/LIFE/KAIZEN ! Thanks for the great blog Joce.

  57. Gerry

    Hey Joce great post we don’t realize true friendship until we start meeting people like you guys.Thanks for everything.

  58. Joce, 9 years has gone by so fast. My life is truly blessed to have you in it. You and Cynthia and my favorite Dionne…Kaleb!!! I look forward to your grace and friendship for many years to come.

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  67. Phil Wall

    Absolutely agree with your statement Joce… sometimes its a little tough to listen to. “A REAL FRIEND DOESN’T TELL YOU WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR, INSTEAD HE TELLS YOU WHAT YOU NEED TO HEAR.”

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