Dreams do come true

Hi everyone,

A couple days ago we brought our parents down to Halifax for some last minute Christmast shopping.  Since we were in the area we took advantage and stopped in to see our friends Claude & Lana Hamilton.  My mom & dad had never seen the fabulous Hamilton home yet.  So it was amazing to see the look on their face as they got the tour of the castle…I mean house 🙂 .

If you haven’t seen or heard of their beautiful house, there is a great article on the Halifax newspaper (Chronicle Herald) about the house.  Click on this LINK.

It’s amazing to have been able to see them where they were 10 years ago and where they are today.  And I don’t only mean financially, but in every aspect of LIFE’s 8Fs.  As a front row eye witness, I can confidently say that DREAMS DO COME TRUE!

I hope you set your goals & dreams very high for 2013.  Have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

God bless,

Joce Dionne


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14 responses to “Dreams do come true

  1. Great job Joce, I remember doing the same for with parents and they still talk about it today. Dream, Struggle, Victory!! The Hamiltons are Champions. We are both blessed to have them to guide us and share our lives with.

  2. Louise

    Hey Joce! Merry Christnas!
    This Christmas we aren’t having just “visions of sugarplums dancing in our heads” but real goals! What you believe You Can Acheive! You bet,Dreams do come true! We see that with Claude & Lana and with you & Cynthia,and many others too.Here’s to an awesome 2013!

  3. Alan McKeen

    Dream, yup, its beginning to sound normal and helps move us forward…it was a whole new concept ;believing in the dream/goals we set & I know they come to pass if only first we BELIEVE!
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  4. One of my goals is get to Halifax and to go visit Claude’s house… I mean castle!

  5. Scott Seeley

    Another great post Joce. Merry Christmas to all of you!

    Scott & Andrea Seeley

  6. Martin & Patsy Cormier

    It is a reminder that this is possible for us all…sometimes we dont see all the descisions, sacrifices, delayed gratification and Mostly Courage, that it took for all this to be possible for many more Families….Thank you for beleiving in us…

    • Jacqueline

      Yes that is so true Patsy, anything is possible to those who believe. We have great leaders who also give us the courage to believe in ourselves

  7. Jacqueline

    Thank You Claude & Lana , Joce & Cynthia for having the courage & perseverance to persue your dreams & goals! You have given us hope that if we follow the same path we can also achieve our dreams…I love John Maxwell’s quote, “In the end, it is not our dreams that we conquer. It is ourselves.” It is who we become in the process that is more important.

  8. Marilyn Rushton

    2012 has definitely been a year of change for me & I understand now that goals & dreams are very important in your life & I am very focused on mine for 2013!

  9. Yvon Doiron

    Great blog Joce, thanks to remind us how a dream could come true, sometime we think it could only come true for others. We are bless to have leaders like you and Cynthia, Claude and Lana to be able to follow and help us to see the light of the life we’ve always dream of having.

    Merry Christmas to you, Cynthia, Caleb and……

  10. Lucy

    Perfect timing, as I listen to the dream pack;) I am so enjoying chasing dreams instead of just chasing a paycheck! You guys are all an inspiration to me and I can see, smell, taste, feel and hear where I am going and it is awesome! 🙂 Cheers!! (“fweedommm”)

  11. Pascal & Suzanne

    When you have a dream, it’s always eaisier to get through the obstacles you encounter. For the New Year, let’s focus on getting more than resolutions, let’s all get inspired by our great leaders and dream big.

  12. Great article Joce. I love that you were able to include the newspaper clipping! I too believe that dreams come true – I believe that Lana says ‘Dream, Believe, Become’. That house was a dream that was backed up with hard work in order to make it a reality!

    Have a great Christmas!

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