LIFE Leadership Convention

It’s that time again!!

10 years ago, Claude Hamilton invited me to my first Leadership Convention.  That weekend changed our lives in an amazing way.  When I think about the thin threads of how we met Claude & Lana it’s scary to think where we would be if we hadn’t jumped on this LIFE journey with them.  If you haven’t committed to coming to one of the 3 Conventions, I strongly suggest you do.  “What if” it has the same impact on you as it did on our lives.  Here are the 3 Conventions listed below:

-January 18-19-20 in Louisville, KY

-January 25-26-27 in Visalia, CA

-& my personal favorite: January 25-26-27 in Ottawa, ON Canada!

Please watch this great video and leave a comment on how Leadership Conventions can change your life;


God bless

Joce & Cynthia



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16 responses to “LIFE Leadership Convention

  1. Scott Seeley

    Hey Joce!
    We are excited for the Canada major too! It was at one of these same events when Andrea and I decided that we could grow and change personally and pursue our dreams. Thanks for all you have done in our lives.


  2. Looking forward to hanging out in Ottawa pal, crazy what can happen when people decide to take control of your future. You n Cynthia are inspiring so many people. Luv being in Kaizen with you.

  3. Adriano Troli

    Man I can’t wait for this conference! Tons of learning, friendships formed, and best of all, two hours from home! This will be the best winter conference yet! I am VERY thankful you made it to that first event! My life would be very different today if not for YOU going to that first conference.

    Thanks for all you do

  4. Dawn Morrison

    It was awesome to see you at the Open Meeting in Orleans last night. You continue to be, as all the leaders are, an inspiration to anyone who meets you. Thanks.
    See you at the Major.
    Ron and Dawn

  5. I can’t imagine where I would be right now if you hadn’t gone to that event! Actually, I can… and it’s not very exciting 🙂

    but having this event in Ottawa is EXTREMELY exciting!

  6. Martin & Patsy Cormier

    Can’t wait to be in Ottawa!!

  7. Jacqueline

    So excited to be attending the Leadership Convention in Ottawa, on this side of the border!! Compared to my first Conference 4 yrs ago, which was a 36 hr bus ride to St-Louis Missouri, this one is really close to home!! The information I received there really changed the course of my life for the better in many areas, especially in life long friendships…
    We appreciate all that you do to keep this community growing strong. So blessed to be part of this LIFE Community !

  8. JL Pellerin

    Hey Joce! Nic and I can’t wait for Ottawa! So many cool things to look forward to! The recognition during this event will be crazy! Can wait to meet up with all of our friends from across the country! See you all there!

  9. Paul & Lisa Elliott

    Ottawa her we come, leaving this time next week!

  10. Louise

    Hi Joce! Can’t wait for Ottawa! Love having one on this side of the border! Plus it’s going to be such an exciting one! Each one, gets better and better!
    Building belief , re-setting goals, the atmosphere is amazing and hanging with all of you great leaders a huge plus! See you there!

  11. Alan

    Joce, I’ll see you in Ottawa!!! I can’t wait to get fired up even more on all that’s going on with Kaizen! It’s rockin’!

  12. Samantha & Wes

    Can’t wait to see everyone in Ottawa next weekend! Time to get fired up on home turf and rock this business! So much opportunity and this major is so close to home. Its gonna be SUPER AWESOME DELUXE 😉

  13. Yes, these conventions are hard to describe. I think it’s different for everyone. Different speakers relate to different people, but there is always one that seems like they are talking directly to you. It’s the difference between a cd and a concert. It’s an amazing experience and I can’t wait to reunit with our team in Ottawa.

  14. We became part of this community in 2010 and two weeks later Jeff went to the Leadership Convention in the US on his own because someone had the courage to suggest/lead us to making the decision to go. He came home from the Convention and that launched a new direction for our lives. We’ve attended every one since then because it is ridiculous that for such high calibre leadership teaching the cost is so low and the return is so incredibly high. It gels the community, strengthens relationships, and super charges our business momentum. Love it love it love it (and even more so that we’re having one on Canadian turf this time…woohoo!)

  15. Pascal & Suzanne

    We are so glad that you made it to your first convention. Even more, we are glad you helped us see the value to go to OUR first convention. People often ask us what happens during these events. It’s hard, almost impossible, to describe… I guess the best way to say it would be: WOW! It’s a life changer to meet positive, energetic people and hear them speak on stage and sharing from their heart. Everybody should be there next weekend, we all owe it to ourselves.

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