When you don’t give up, you can’t fail

Good afternoon everyone,

This weekend Claude Hamilton, Orrin Woodward & Dan Hawkins will be lighting up the stage in Ottawa, ON for the LIFE Winter Leadership Convention.  I can’t wait for this exciting weekend.

I recently watched a great video that touched me dearly and wanted to share it with you today;

It’s about a runner, Derek Redmond, who competed in the 1992 Olympics.  He got hurt halfway through his race and instead of giving up, he continued and gave everything he had to finish the race.  You will notice his dad jumps on the track to help him at the end.  Being a new dad myself I love seeing this type of unconditional love the father has, running through security to help his son.  I’ve been lucky to have a great dad myself and I want to follow in his footsteps.

I think being a dad resembles being a leader.  You have to lead by example no matter what the circumstances!  Giving up is not an option.  In this video, Derek Redmond & his dad finished last…BUT, more importantly they finished!

Claude Hamilton, has helped me become a better person on my leadership journey.  In a way, he has been something like the dad in this video.   Helping me choose to keep going even when I didn’t feel I could.  I see many people get on this same journey with loads of potential and  unfortunately they don’t use up that potential.  What holds them back?  I’m not sure, maybe fear, laziness, lack of desire.  To be a great dad, great friend or great leader, we need to be more like role models.  What you do with your life, your kids will be greatly influenced by it.  Remember the quote “your actions speak so loudly, I cannot hear what you say”.

Therefore let’s lead by example and FINISH what we started.  I hope you chose to run to the finish line with me!

See you in Ottawa!

God bless,

Joce Dionne


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19 responses to “When you don’t give up, you can’t fail

  1. Whether it’s walking, crawling, or sprinting, or even moving backwards sometimes, I’ll make sure I keep moving 🙂

    Can’t wait till Friday!

  2. Thanks for sharing this inspiring video Joce. Cant wait to see you guys in Ottawa. We appreciate your leadership in Kaizen.
    luv ya

  3. Doug Trevors

    Well said Joce! Not many things give you as many challenges as being a father. But not many things give you that much satisfaction either! See you in Ottawa!

  4. Danny Campbell

    Hey Joce
    What an amazing post. It touched me as well being a father to four terrific boys. Spending as much time with them tonight before we head to Ottawa tomorrow night for the major. But your message of not giving up is exactly what the doctor ordered for how the last few months have gone. Looking forward to going to the major but more importantly getting home as soon as possible and seeing where the future leads. You and Cynthia are amazing leaders couldn’t have asked for better people to build the future with.

  5. CarlaSnair

    Great post, Joce! See you in Ottawa!

  6. I appreciate you and Cynthia! Love that video. Your leadership has had tremendous impact on many people. Can’t wait for this weekend to see so many modern day heroes who are standing up to make a real difference.

  7. Wow, this video says it all! Set an huge dream, train tirelessly and give it everything you’ve got, and have someone who will come to your side in the tough times. The power of a mentor or father or true friend is priceless! I love the LIFE Community and the mentorship of people like Claude Hamilton, Orrin Woodward and the rest of the Policy Council. Thanks for the article Joce. Can’t wait to see you in Ottawa!

  8. Wow! That was a crazy video! I for one am super excited for this coming weekend! Gonna be the best conference yet

    See you there buddy

  9. Jacqueline

    What a powerful message – finish the race no matter what the cost !! Can”t wait to learn from the best leaders in Ottawa this weekend !!
    Appreciate you guys 🙂

  10. Pascal & Suzanne

    This video was amazing. When they go after their dream, so many people abandon when they encounter obstacles This guy is a good example of pushing through, even when you think you can’t make one more step. There will be someone right by your side to support you.
    This weekend, we’re gonna be hundreds of people supporting each other through the life journey, it’s gonna be incredible,
    See you there!

  11. m

    Thanks for the post Joce. What an amazing story. I can’t wait to hear the story Wayne and Raylene have to share this weekend in Ottawa. If you don’t quit you can’t fail!

  12. Derrick Higgins

    wow Joce awesome Video Loved IT

  13. Patsy Cormier

    Wow!!!..what a lesson to be learn from this father and son…Thank you Joce for sharing this inspiring video!…

  14. Michel Côté

    Ottawa was amazing. It is just like the video. You prepare to run and win and at times don’t get the results you wanted, then comes someone you know and appreciate carry you to the edge of the finish line to let you run to your personal victory. Thanks Joce and the rest of the leasership for picking us up inspire us to run even when hurt. I look forward to your run and can’t wait for your ovation.


  15. Charles-Edouard McIntyre

    So much emotions packed into 3 minutes! I could picture my dad doing the same for me, and myself doing the same in return for my son. You always told us the only way we’ll fail is if we quit…then I know we’re playing to win! Thanks for this great post Joce…you may not run in the Olympics, but you are as much an inspiration as Derek for us!

  16. Darryl Nabuurs

    Great video Joce, thanks for the post; have to admit I had a bit of sand in my eye after watching it!

  17. Great post Joce, you are leading from the front! Turning a population of starters into a country of Finishers….

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