I wish I would’ve known then, what I know now…

Have you ever heard someone say “I wish I would’ve known then, what I know now…”??  Of course you have.  As for myself, I can change it to “I wish I would’ve met Claude Hamilton earlier in my life”.

Sometimes I think back in my life and wonder what it would’ve been like if I had met Claude earlier on.  He is the reason I can call myself a stay at home dad.  He is the reason I can say we have financial freedom.  He’s also the reason Cynthia & I are still happily married.  The list goes on & on.  You are probably wondering..”ok, what did he do to help you??”.

The answer is: He showed us the LIFE business.  The personal development industry is so underrated.  The LIFE products are geared to help you live the life you’ve always wanted.  The audios, books & seminars have made me realize that success is in everyone, you just have to get up and chase it!  Success won’t fall into your hands on your lucky day.  Success has a price and you cannot tip toe around it.  In the past, I was scared to get on that journey.  The feelings of “what if I can’t do it” or “what if I fail” seeped into my head.  But another great bonus to the LIFE business is that you have a mentor, coach & friend to help you. They can make you look at your problems in a different perspective and help you solve them.  Succes is given to the man who has the courage to conquer his fears.  I love what Claude Hamilton wrote on a recent blog:

The word courage does not mean the absence of fear. Courage is overcoming and acting WHILE we are afraid. It’s taking the small steps even when we don’t fully understand the whole picture. It’s keeping on and keeping on UNTIL we cross the bridges and the mountains in our path. It’s making decisions even when in fear.  It’s not the absence of fear; it’s taking action steps despite our fear.

Orrin Woodward, Claude Hamilton and the Kaizen leaders have stated many times that 2013 is the year of the Round Table.  I hope you take your journey to success very seriously.  Choose courage over fear and ride this big wave with us!

I have a Good Feeling you will!

Joce Dionne



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19 responses to “I wish I would’ve known then, what I know now…

  1. Marc Mercier

    Great article Joce! LIFE is a shining beacon in a very foggy environment…We are so grateful to have the privilege of being a part of it! The beauty of King Arthur’s round table was that when the knights sat down at the table they were equals and all benefited form the strength of the others. The Mentorship program in the LIFE organization is set up in the same way, people who have results wanting to help people looking for results. Love it!

  2. Scott Seeley

    Great post Joce!
    I know I can say the same about Life. If I knew then what I know now things would be different. That’s what’s great about following you and Claude. You guys set a great example to follow and a path to take.
    Thanks for all the leadership you display and instill in others.


  3. Paull $ Lisa Elliott

    Lisa and I wonder the same sort of things, what if Pierre and Lise never stuck to their guns to meet us and we never got to meet you guys, where would our lives be (financial, relationships, friendships and etc). We will always owe you and Cynthia and Claude and Lana for all the work you have done in laying a path for the rest of us to follow!

    We will be running hard to achieve the RT level and look forward to spending the rest of our lives with you guys!

    Proud to be a part of Kaizen!

  4. Michel Côté

    Such a timely post. The reason why we enjoy this business is the fact that everyone wants everyone to succeed in LIFE. Not for the financial and time freedoms it can provide but the fact it builds a better community with individuals who wants to help continuously bring the best out of people and their community. We are fortunate to have you in our lives and also Denis and Lisa Leger who continue to be instrumental in our development and journey. Like Denis mentioned last night: We have access to the best Life Coaching System around which combines Reading, Listening and more importantly Associating. Without that last one, we may become better people but the reach it would have to make a better community would not be as evident as the success you have both been able to achieve and what we intend to follow.

    Look forward to the journey ahead.

    Nil Sine Labore!

  5. Danny Campbell

    I was thinking the same with you and Cynthia. Kim and I wish we meet you guys sooner. Our lives have been completely changed after we got involved in this. We are grateful for meeting you and the rest of the round tables. Looking forward to makin our future with Life.

  6. What a great point! I’ve said that so many times to myself in the past, and I’m so thankful that I have the information from LIFE. I find although I was saying that a lot in the beginning as I first started going through the information, I find I’m starting to say it less and less; I’m now saying ‘It’s a good thing I knew what I learned from LIFE when that happened!’

  7. Lisa Elliott

    Awesome post Joce.

  8. Lisa Leger

    We definitively plan on riding the wave and plan on bringing a bunch of people with us! 🙂

  9. I agree. I cannot believe how far we have come thanks to LIFE. The changes we have made in our lives have been amazing and we can’t wait to see the impact it will have on our kids.

  10. Shawn Szalai

    I think the fact that Joce has become the “Claude” for so many people is a testament to the quality of the life business. I’m looking forward to becoming someone’s “Joce”. 50 in 50

  11. jay muise

    Awesome blog joce. I do think about what it would have been to meet Claude earlier in life.

  12. Troy

    I know I will be riding the wave.

    Thanks buddy

  13. Mary Doucette

    Like you Joce I wish I had been shown the life business earlier. And met you and Claude any all the others in LIFE. I have no idea where I would be now if that had been the case. Much further in this journey for sure. I started much later than most of you but the support I have received has taught me it is never too late. Has giving me faith and belief in myself. That what my Dad used to say to me “Anything is possible. If you can imagine it you can make it happen” is very true. I have 40 years of doubt and fear to overcome but I am ready to ride the wave. Here is to the year of the Round Table. Thank you for all you do.

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