A Winner’s Attitude


Just sitting down and reading Orrin Woodward & Oliver Demille‘s new book LEADERSHIFT which I just received in the mail a couple days ago.  WOW!  This is a much needed book for the North American people.

Here is a quick message I want to share with you.  I want to talk “Attitude” today.  Everyone has an attitude.  The question is, is it a positive or negative attitude?  As humans, our natural tendencies is to think of worst case scenario instead of best case scenario.  Claude Hamilton has always thought me to think best case scenario.  To become an optimist and chase your dreams.  Now, several years ago I would have read those last sentences and said “well..ya but..you’ve gotta be careful sometimes and think of the worst case scenario”.  And to a certain extent I agree with that statement.  However there are no successful people out there who will tell you to become a pessimist.  All great leaders, all successful people have best case scenario type of attitudes.  They are optimists.  Most importantly they have positive attitudes!

Author Dr. Denis Waitley (Psychology of Winning) says there are 3 types of people; #1-Spectators: They are the majority who watch life happen.  They avoid the main arena for fear of being rejected, ridiculed, hurt or defeated.  Then there are #2-Losers: They are the people in our abundant society who never win..for they would rather look like..dress like…have fun like…have a house like…or be someone else.  You can always spot Losers by the way they envy or criticize others, after all misery loves company.  Then there’s the #3-Winners: These are the few who put themselves together across the board – at work, at home, in the community and in society.  They set and achieve goals which benefit themselves and others.  Winning is a way of thinking, winning is all in the attitude!!!

And talking about a winner’s attitude, the LIFE community in Moncton, NB area is very excited to have Wayne MacNamara come in and deliver a great message on Saturday May 11th.  My friend Calvin from PEI created a great audio remix of a fired up speech by Wayne.  Everytime I listen to it I get chills.  Wayne & Raylene are great friends of ours and have become some of our idols with their latest accomplishments.  Have a listen & we’ll see you on LIFE Seminar day!

Click on this LINK for the audio.

Love & Lead,

Joce Dionne



14 responses to “A Winner’s Attitude

  1. Paul & Lisa Elliott

    Amazing audio Joce. This fired me up so much a made into a CD do I can play in the car!

  2. Pierre Richard

    Thanks Joce…and Calvin. Around this community it’s hard to go back to “worst case scenario” thinking. 🙂

  3. Scott Seeley

    Great post! I appreciate you putting this together. It’s so true how we have to guard out thoughts and be a winner.
    This coming seminar with the MacNamaras is going to be amazing!!!


  4. Marilyn Rushton

    You speak the truth, Joce! Great job!

  5. Melissa Drover

    Great post Joce. Awesome audio by Calvin :D!!

  6. Phil Wall

    Nice one Joce!

  7. Troy

    Hey Joce thank you for taking the time to post. It is encouraging when you realize that what we do is help ourselves and help others become winners.

  8. Patsy Cormier

    Great post Joce! Love listening to that audio of Wayne…
    It is really super to be around people that have the “Winner’s attidute”!!!

  9. Trent Crane

    Nice post Joce,

    Leadershift by Orrin Woodward and Oliver DeMille is, for sure, a wonderful book!
    I have to agree with Melissa, that’s an “Awesome” audio. Great job Calvin!


  10. Marc-André Therrien

    Its hard to have stinking thinking around a great group of people like this community! Thanks for leading the way and helping us reframe our thinking.

  11. Wayne was the speaker at my 1st. seminar, awesome speaker, I could totally agree with everything he was saying and also related to him !!!
    He give me what I needed to build up this business!!

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