Proud of my Acadian roots

Something to make you laugh today.  Where I am from, in Moncton, New Brunswick, we are the only province in Canada that is officially bilingual.  English & French are the two languages.  For us Frenchman, or Acadians, we have a third language called “Chiac“.  The Acadians are french settlers in Canada that were kicked out of their homes (Great Expulsion) by the British in 1755.   Most were sent down to Louisiana and became “Cajuns” as we know them today.  That’s why you will see alot of french last names in southern states of America.  And for me, I believe my ancestors were just relentless and persistent.  Because either they #1-stayed in New Brunswick and hid or fought off the British army or #2-came back years after the expulsion to re-take their land.

On August 15th, Acadians celebrate “Acadian Day” and since I am an Acadian I wanted to show you this funny video.  It’s a little story about our own language.  Acadians in New Brunswick have created a new language called “Chiac” or “Frenglish” if you want.  It’s a mixture of French & English.  You see, being surrounded by English, we had to adapt or as Orrin Woodward would say, we had to P-D-C-A  so we invented= le Chiac!  The video is in the Frenglish language!  I think even someone who doesn’t understand French will understand most of the video as it is in Chiac language.  Enjoy!


God Bless

Joce Dionne



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9 responses to “Proud of my Acadian roots

  1. Troy Gallant

    Hey Joce, I agree we (Acadians) are relentless and persistent. I think you’ll see an Acadian come back and re-take our land in the Life Business. Just the other night “J’ai vu un skunk dans la backyard.”

  2. Lucy

    Ca c’est right funny!! hahaha

  3. Marc-André Therrien

    “J’ai wirer ma satellite dish avec mes own mains!” haha crampant!

  4. Michel Côté

    Thanks pour le great video, sa ma right fait rire out loud. J’ai casiment crossé la street pour aller dire a mon neighbour, but yetait too late. Pis aussi il fallait que je lave mes hards avant d’aller cracher. T’ai right on Joce. Thanks pour touce tu faits.

  5. Charles McIntyre

    I think they are right about Ontario going Chic by 2016….got my 6 year old son William a haircut before school starts and after it was done he said “Mom vas êtres right proud de ma cut the Hair”!?!

  6. Mary Doucette

    I’m not Acadian but I think Chiac could be universal. I was in high school when I first heard it at a take out. A waitress butting in an order. ” due
    hamburgers avec la works” Love it. 🙂

  7. Hey Joce! We would love to see your retirement video on the life forum! I have one that I took but you may want one that you have! It was so much fun and so inspirational.

  8. Kyle Starr

    Joce! hey kind of off topic, but we want your retirement video on youtube or the forums or both, and the “Harasser and Chief” Said to Harass ya until you do so….yup more to come hehe (and thank you)

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