Lest we forget

Just popping in today to remind my fellow Canadian brothers & sisters to go out of their way and thank anyone in their circle of friends & family who are serving (or have served in the past) our great country called Canada.  Either military or police force or any other line of work that puts their life on the line to serve & protect Canada, THANK YOU!  Personally, I often take for granted of how free we are and how great our country is.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that some people are living in countries where freedom is abolished and their lives are at stake on a daily basis.

I will send a special thanks to one of my best of friends Mr. Claude Hamilton.  Some of you may not know, but the Life Leadership founder had a very decorated career in the Canadian military and served for several years in the military’s Special Forces.  His book “Toughen Up” discusses some stories & adventures of his years in the forces.
















Again, to all who have served and are serving, Godspeed.  You are the reason we live in the greatest country in the world.


Joce Dionne


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2 responses to “Lest we forget

  1. Joce, Thanks for those great words. We are so very thankful for the Freedoms we have.
    Juanita 🙂

  2. Jacqueline Richard

    Thanks for sharing Joce…I couldn’t comment since it asks for a password but posted to my Facebook fan page & Twitter 🙂

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