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Proud of my Acadian roots

Something to make you laugh today.  Where I am from, in Moncton, New Brunswick, we are the only province in Canada that is officially bilingual.  English & French are the two languages.  For us Frenchman, or Acadians, we have a third language called “Chiac“.  The Acadians are french settlers in Canada that were kicked out of their homes (Great Expulsion) by the British in 1755.   Most were sent down to Louisiana and became “Cajuns” as we know them today.  That’s why you will see alot of french last names in southern states of America.  And for me, I believe my ancestors were just relentless and persistent.  Because either they #1-stayed in New Brunswick and hid or fought off the British army or #2-came back years after the expulsion to re-take their land.

On August 15th, Acadians celebrate “Acadian Day” and since I am an Acadian I wanted to show you this funny video.  It’s a little story about our own language.  Acadians in New Brunswick have created a new language called “Chiac” or “Frenglish” if you want.  It’s a mixture of French & English.  You see, being surrounded by English, we had to adapt or as Orrin Woodward would say, we had to P-D-C-A  so we invented= le Chiac!  The video is in the Frenglish language!  I think even someone who doesn’t understand French will understand most of the video as it is in Chiac language.  Enjoy!


God Bless

Joce Dionne



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Great leader and friend Claude Hamilton

With the American Thanksgiving being this past weekend, I am reminded of giving thanks to my good friend Claude Hamilton.  Many of us go through our lives and forget to give thanks for our many blessings.  Maybe we take them for granted.  But today I want to take the time and show my appreciation to Mr. Hamilton.  Not only has he become my best friend in the past years, but he has been a great influence in my family, business and many other aspects of my life.

When you hear the word “friend” it’s easy to overlook that simple word.  Years ago I heard a speaker give the definition of a “real friend” and it really impacted me.  Here it is;


And obviously you know where I am going with this.  Claude Hamilton has been that person for me.  Some friends will come into your life and not really help you become better.  Like that quote says, they will only tell you what you “want” to hear and not get uncomfortable and tell you what you “need” to hear in order to awaken the potential inside of you.  My wife Cynthia & I are so thankful to have bumped into Claude & Lana Hamilton 9 years ago.  It’s amazing the thin threads that brought us together, but I’m sure it was all in God’s plan.

Here is a great article by Orrin Woodward on LIFE Founders Claude & Lana Hamilton:

click on this LINK

Enjoy the great post by Orrin Woodward.

Thank you,

Joce Dionne



Encouragement vs Correction

I recently attended a great LIFE business seminar in Moncton, NB on October 13th.  Terry & Ann Franks were the guest speakers and did a fabulous job.  I loved the topic they chose in the first session: ENCOURAGEMENT.  I don’t know about you but for me it seems I naturally forget to encourage & praise effort when dealing with people.  Instead I tend to automatically lean towards CORRECTION.

After the seminar many people felt the same way, we need to encourage more.  Can you remember the last time your boss corrected you on a mistake you made at your job?  Or the last time your friend corrected you on something you were doing wrong?  The list goes on & on with these human “auto-correct” examples.  Why is that?  Some say it’s our educational system.  That would make sense.  I rarely remember being encouraged for something I simply did right at school.  But as soon as I did something wrong five different people would make sure they would let me know.

It is said dogs learn a lot more from being encouraged over being corrected.  When a dog does something right we give him a doggy treat and the dog’s behavior improves.  Often times we see dog owners try to slap the dog and raise their voices to make a correction.  It’s hard to believe the negative motivation (correction) doesn’t work as well as positive motivation (encouragement) for dogs.  Our built in “human auto-correct” system is so much of a habit to us that we feel it’s the only way to help the dog.  And let me make something clear, my point  is not that correction doesn’t have value in today’s world.  What I am saying is that we need to do less of it and more encouraging.

Ann Franks said that for every 1 negative comment we need 4 positives to counter balance.  Or how Claude Hamilton puts it, when dealing with people it should be 90% encouragement & 10% correction.  That is probably very accurate.  I know personally when I receive positive encouraging words it feels sooo good.  On the other side when I am corrected for doing something wrong I feel  awful and discouraged.  Many of my friends feel the same way.  Author & friend of mine Chris Brady puts it another way.  He says we need to become “good finders” with people.  Which means we need to sincerely compliment people and find their strengths instead of pointing out their weaknesses.  There is a great quote “Hurting people hurt people”  that explains how some people point out other’s weaknesses and belittle them to cure their own self-esteem or confidence problems.  I believe that to be true.  Everyone wants to give their opinions on whatever & whoever it is.  Realize this, opinions are free and are often on the negative side which again, kinda fits into correction.  Nowadays it’s human nature to want to correct and offer our opinions on things.   Instead we need to change our focus to encouragement.  Here is a test for us, next time we want to give our opinion on something, let’s ask ourselves if it’s a negative or a positive one.  If it’s negative, than bite your tongue and keep it to yourself.  If it’s a positive one, let’r go & encourage!!!

With that, I’m off to Columbus, Ohio to see Orrin Woodward and the rest of the TEAM at Fall Leadership Convention.

It was great sharing & happy Halloween,

Joce Dionne



LIFE Compensation Plan

Claude Hamilton recently wrote a great article on the LIFE Compensation Plan.  Claude & Orrin Woodward were previously successful leaders in a network marketing business in the late 90’s & early 2000’s.  Several years ago both Orrin & Claude along with a few other great leaders had to make a big decision that would severly impact their lives.

There is a great article by Dan Hawkins that explains the whole history behind this amazing character & courage these men displayed with their decisions.  It’s funny to see some “un-informed” people say Orrin & the LIFE business  compensation plan is a scam.  The real story is, they were involved with a company that they felt was going backwards.  So they decided that morally they could no longer be involved and left back in 2007.  Please read up on this on Dan Hawkins‘ whistleblower article and also Claude Hamilton’s latest blog post to get more information.  On top of that, Claude explains how LIFE compensation plan is the greatest & fairest compensation plan available today.

Because of that decision Orrin Woodward is often called a whistleblower.  Now with my french background I didn’t know what a “whistleblower” was so wikipedia came in handy:  whistleblower (whistle-blower or whistle blower) is a person who tells the public or someone in authority about alleged dishonest or illegal activities (misconduct) occurring in a government department, a public or private organization, or a company. 

You see, reputation is what people think of you & how you act when you’re in front of people.  But character is who you are  even when nobody is looking.  Therefore these men were faced with a decision.  Either to not rock the boat, stay silent like “yes men”.  Or be the whistleblower, change direction and chase better opportunity.

The LIFE compensation offers great monetary rewards and recently the LIFE Founders have added amazing free trips!!!  For great details, go to my good friend Denis Leger’s website.

To wrap up, these men stood strong and made the right decision, which is an amazing display of character & courage.  For that I want to personally thank Orrin Woodward & Claude Hamilton and the rest of the LIFE Founders for creating the best business opportunity in the industry.


Joce Dionne



Update on the Mental Fitness Challenge

I’ve been in business with Claude Hamilton now for 9 years and sometimes I really think he is the smartest person on the planet!  He is an amazing visionary and great optimist.  I have learnt so much from him on that side.  I’ve come to realize that 99% of his knowledge is because he has been a student of Professional Development & Self Help for over 15 + years now.  He will be the first one to admit that his success in life points directly to that material of powerful association with the right people, audios and reading books.  Now with the Mental Fitness Challenge (MFC) it has become a whole lot easier for people to start their Professional Development journey and achieve success.  Guys like Claude, Orrin Woodward & Chris Brady are not only helping people achieve their goals, but also helping many create great incomes through the LIFE business. The future is bright in the LIFE community.

The LIFE business’ newest product MFC is almost creating a new industry!  That is how impactful LIFE Founders Orrin Woodward & Chris Brady think this product really is.  Orrin Woodward says: “The Mental Fitness Challenge is a culmination of nearly 20 years of filtering out the good from the bad in the personal development field. This is pure self-help food provided in bite-size pieces for anyone desiring to improve his or her life!”

The craziest part is that not only can someone make a positive forward change in their personal, work or family life with this product.  But if they choose so, they can also participate in the compensated community part of the LIFE business opportunity.

QUESTION FOR THE READERS:  What is your favorite part about the Mental Fitness Challenge and why do you think this can help you (and others) in your life?

Take the challenge!




Mental Fitness Challenge

Have you ever asked yourself why so many people quit diets?  Why do people quit the gym? Is it because their bodies are telling them to quit?  According to Orrin Woodward & Claude Hamilton it’s mind over body.  Because when it comes down to it, the mind does control the body in all areas of our life.  So therefore, it’s not our body that is telling us to quit, it is our mind.  And in today’s society we have developed a “quitting is ok” type of mentality.  That my friends is not the right track to be on!

Over the past couple days in Columbus, Ohio, the LIFE business held its Spring Leadership Convention.  They have launched what they call their “flagship product”..the Mental Fitness Challenge.  What the speakers explained is that people quit things and don’t achieve success simply because they aren’t mentally strong or don’t have what is called mental toughness.

Well, finally, there is something out there to train your brain for success and “live the LIFE you’ve always wanted“.  Watch this MFC (Mental Fitness Challenge) introductory video here;

For more information go to & you can also look at participating in changing this society and becoming a member of the compensated community.

Bye for now,

Joce Dionne



The Power of Association

Hi everyone,

I have been guilty of being lazy when it comes to blogging.  Seems like playing with my infant son Kaleb always takes priority of my extra time…”play with Kaleb”…or…”write a blog article”…so right now he is sleeping and I’m hoping I can finish this article before he wakes up.

I want to discuss a topic that has been very impactful in my life which is The Power of Association.  My best friend and mentor Claude Hamilton had mentioned early on in our business journey together that “you become who you hang around with”.  And this is very true.  Take your top 5 friends and add up their income and divide it by 5 and it will be very close to what your income is.  You become who you hang around with!  I remember my mother not wanting me to “hang out” with little Johnny after school…because little Johnny was a rebel and broke the rules, therefore I would’ve probably turned into a delinquent myself.

With all kidding aside, we can’t deny the fact that this is very accurate.  If you want to change your results you have to change your entourage.  For me personally (in my late twenties) it was hard to do because that meant changing my routine and changing my habits that I had formed.  But today, I am very thankful I did.  Please understand me when I say “change your entourage”…I am not saying to ditch all your friends cold turkey style and tell them they aren’t part of your success journey because they are not winners in life.  Easy now, easy big fella!  All I’m saying is ask yourself where do I want to be in 5-10 years?  And look around and see who has similar results.  Who has the fruit on the tree that you are looking for?  And chase them down.  I saw Claude & Lana Hamilton’s lifestyle of having a great relationship, having way more free time to themselves compared to most people, no financial stress and I wanted to have that in my life!

For most of you, I am sure you’ve already made similar tough decisions like this throughout your life without even realizing it.  And you made these decisions to match your final destination, or your goal.  For example, when I was in junior high, I played a lot of hockey and one of my best friends at the time didn’t make the team and slowly he started changing his interests.  Instead of sports, he started being interested in music.  At that age I was in love with hockey and my goal in life was to make the NHL (every Canadian kid’s dream) so I had to make a tough decision.  I slowly started changing my association and “hanging out” with boys on my hockey team because we had similar goals & dreams.  Another example was in high school.  I had one friend who was the video game junkie.  We played video games together all the time, but at one point (grade 11 to be precise) I started being interested in girls.  So, I had to make a decision: “hang out” with video game junkie friend and have no girlfriend…OR…start changing my entourage of friends and eventually get a girlfriend.  It’s scary to say that if I hadn’t changed my association, maybe I’d be still in my parents basement playing video games at 35 years old..LOL!!

So as you see, the power of association does have an impact in everyone’s lives.  I suggest you be careful with who you hang around with, because you might end up with their results.

Today I want to finish by recognizing some of my friends who have recently made a change in their lives and starting chasing their personal dreams.  Orrin Woodward and Claude Hamilton recently ran a promotion called Operation Advance and invited any qualifiers down to Orrin & Laurie’s Florida residence for the weekend.  These qualifiers had some tough choices to make over the past 6-12 months of their lives and slowly started changing their entourage.  They believe in the power of association!  Cynthia & I want to personally congratulate the following qualifiers for their hunger and determination to fight till the end.  Denis & Lisa, Mike & Sonia, Charles & Manon, Jeff & Kim, Pierre & Lise, Andre & Dominique, Paul & Lisa, Troy & Bonnie, Matt & Melissa, Nick & Jessica, Trent & Ann, Jeff & Detry, JL & Nicole, Scott & Andrea and Josh & Ellen.  All of us had a blast down in Florida, of course you get a bunch of leaders and strong personalities together, it’s automatically gonna be fun.  We visited many parks, shows, entertainment and shopping for the girls, but the highlight of the trip was hanging out at the Woodwards‘ residence.  A special thanks again to Orrin & Laurie for setting this up with our teams.

Here is a nice picture of the whole gang together;

LIFE business

And with that, Kaleb just woke up, time to feed & play!!

Love you guys,

Joce & Cynthia